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Current random works of art from my studio

The Dreaming TreeThe Dreaming Tree

The personal blog of international, award-winning artist, Lana Gramlich. In...

pic foliopic folio

A collection of random digital images.

pic journalpic journal

Digital photo adventures in the Greater New Orleans area and beyond through...

A Darker Shade of MidnightA Darker Shade of Midnight

Murder mystery set in the Louisiana

dot artdot art

A blog about my acrylic dot art.


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Apple has announced a major expansion that will see it open a new campus in North Austin and open new offices in Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles as it bids to increase its workforce in the U.S. The firm said it intends also to significantly expand...

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    This story’s a real gas. On Tuesday, November 13th — a day which shall live in infamy — 30-year-old Arthur Posey was arrested. Near Willie’s Chicken Shack in New Orleans. Arthur’d asked Willie’s manag...

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