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The Dreaming TreeThe Dreaming Tree

The personal blog of international, award-winning artist, Lana Gramlich. In...

A Darker Shade of MidnightA Darker Shade of Midnight

Murder mystery set in the Louisiana

dot artdot art

A blog about my acrylic dot art.

pic foliopic folio

A collection of random digital images.

art at randomart at random

Current random works of art from my studio

pic journalpic journal

Digital photo adventures in the Greater New Orleans area and beyond through...


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“We have your son here in handcuffs, and he’s going to jail unless you can bring me the money.”GCREDIT: AP Photo/Kathy WillensRonald Egana was at work the first time the bounty hunters came for him.The hired guns handcuffed Egana and brought...

When dealing with Democrats, honesty is not always the best policy The post You Won’t Believe Why the Democrats Banned This Guy From Running For DNC Chair appeared first on RedState.

Some on the left are miffed that they can't blame this on Donald Trump. The post Democrat Governor Signs Law Making Resisting Arrest a Hate Crime in Louisiana appeared first on RedState.

Students in Louisiana are facing an uncertain future as the teachers union and school district have won an appeal 3-2 which overturned a 2015 ruling on charter school funding. This ruling declared that funding certain types of charter schools, servin...

The following paintings document my use of dots in my artwork eventually leading to my current work.1 min 52 sec...

An executive order from Louisiana governor Democrat John Bel Edwards that would’ve protected LGBT people in state government from discrimination was thrown out by a Baton Rouge judge Wednesday on the grounds that the order was unconstitutional.Rea...

One of our last shreds of hope for the country’s salvation was dashed today after it was announced that Louisiana’s Foster Campbell was not only defeated by Republican state Treasurer John Kennedy in the runoff race for the Senate, but utterly an...