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A collection of random digital images.

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A blog about my acrylic dot art.

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Current random works of art from my studio

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Murder mystery set in the Louisiana

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The personal blog of international, award-winning artist, Lana Gramlich. In...

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Digital photo adventures in the Greater New Orleans area and beyond through...


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Is President Donald J. Trump swayed by Beltway think tank white papers? The post Trump’s Choice: Workers vs. Think Tanks appeared first on RedState.

A special Times collaboration with New Orleans’ NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune on the environmental threat to the Gulf Coast took nearly a year to put together.

Filed under: Etc.,Government/Legal,Weird Car News,Ford,Police/Emergency A Louisiana sheriff pledges to boycott Ford vehicles over the automaker's response to NFL players protesting the national anthem.Continue reading Louisiana sher...

It’s about time.https://medium.com/media/4c0cab021af2844c046a15827ce90106/hrefLouisiana, the world’s most prolific incarcerator, has passed 10 bills aimed at overhauling its criminal justice system. The package is expected to lower Louisiana’s...

They went to two Louisiana town halls and left disappointed. Now they’re looking to charter a bus to Washington, D.C.Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy speaking to residents at East Baton Rouge Parish Library — Central Branch, June 30, 2017. CRED...

A tale of two town halls.Senator Cassidy taking questions in Baton Rouge about 2016 floods and health care. CREDIT: ThinkProgress/Amanda GomezBATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA — Last August, catastrophic flooding swallowed swaths of this state. Red Cross...

“We have your son here in handcuffs, and he’s going to jail unless you can bring me the money.”GCREDIT: AP Photo/Kathy WillensRonald Egana was at work the first time the bounty hunters came for him.The hired guns handcuffed Egana and brought...