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The personal blog of international, award-winning artist, Lana Gramlich. In...

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A collection of random digital images.

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Current random works of art from my studio

A Darker Shade of MidnightA Darker Shade of Midnight

Murder mystery set in the Louisiana

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A blog about my acrylic dot art.

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Digital photo adventures in the Greater New Orleans area and beyond through...


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Ochsner Health, which is based in the Southeast, said it's introducing an insurance surcharge for the unvaccinated spouses of staff in 2022.

A Texas law, which bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, has not stopped people from seeking and obtaining abortions.

Alligators, river otters, and nutria - large, semiaquatic rodents - have also been found covered in oil, wildlife officials said.

Before causing deadly flooding in the Northeast, Hurricane Ida left swaths of New Orleans without power and spilled oil in the Gulf.

CoreLogic estimates that the reconstruction cost value of the potentially damaged homes is approximately $220.37 billion.

"I have philosophical objections that make it impossible for my child to comply with your COVID-19 policies related to vaccines and mask wearing," one letter says.

Once hospitals reach capacity, doctors will have to decide who gets treatment and who to turn away - in some cases determining who lives and who dies.