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The NRA, and their Republican lackeys in Congress, don't want any new restrictions on guns in the United States. In fact, they would like to do away with the few restrictions in place. But their wishes are not the wishes of the American public.As the...

This week has sparked some very understandable debate about two very important issues, and there are high emotions on both sides. I am wary of tantrums and a huge fan of brass tacks, so let’s get down to some. Not forcing other people to pay fo...

Nuts or woke, there isn't much difference The post Professor Triggers False Active Shooter Report at USC appeared first on RedState.

Murphy's response to the Las Vegas shooting reveals his smallness. The post Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) Is a Small, Wormlike Bigot Terrified of an Honest Debate on Guns appeared first on RedState.

Congress cannot make laws to prevent the unpreventable. The post Sandy Hook Mom Blames Congress for Vegas Shooting, Invokes #TakeAKnee and Climate Change appeared first on RedState.

CBS was wise to part with the woman as fast as humanly possible. The post CBS Fires Legal Exec that Said Las Vegas Victims Deserved to be Shot appeared first on RedState.

A free people will always seek to protect themselves, rather than wait to be protected. The post In the Immediate Aftermath of the Vegas Shooting, Gun Stocks Get a Bump appeared first on RedState.