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An archaeological investigation on Hormuz Island has found evidence that suggests a community of hunter-gatherers settled in the southern soil in the Middle Palaeolithic era.Credit: Tehran Times“A significant amount of stone tools that can be attri...

Omri Goren Gorochovsky faces espionage charges. He offered to install malware on the computer of Benny Gantz, Israel's defense minister.

The duo made a fake video depicting a person hacking state voter websites and creating fake absentee ballots, capitalizing on Trump's rhetoric.

"I have found oftentimes with provocative people, if you get more provocative than them, they then have to dial it down," Miller told Jonathan Karl.

Russia's dominance in the Caspian Sea is assured for now, but with the players building up their forces, it may one day have to compete.

The Iran nuclear deal remains in serious peril, and with its demise comes a likely return of regional conflict and Iran's nuclear acceleration.

A joint research team of Iranian and French scientists has published their results of the dating of the Sarvestan Monument in the journal Archaeometry.Sarvestan Palace seen from South-West [Credit: Erik Albers/Wikipedia]The state-of-the-art radiocarb...