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The Pentagon said the one-way unmanned aerial vehicle that hit a coalition base is suspected to be of Iranian origin.

"The United States remains committed, as a matter of policy, that Iran will not have a fielded nuclear weapon," Milley told House lawmakers.

Iranian authorities show no signs of stopping their punishment of the young people at the heart of ongoing demonstrations in the country. As Vice World News reported, five Iranian girls were arrested last week for making a TikTok of themselves dancin...

The deal comes as the US contends with historic tensions with both Iran and China, and signals Beijing's growing influence in the Middle East.

Iran's president blamed the spate of suspected poisonings on the Islamic state's "enemies" but hasn't said who exactly is targeting the schoolgirls.

The uranium found was enriched to 83.7% — just shy of the 90% purity needed to make nuclear weapons, the IAEA said.

Iran's currency, the rial, plummeted on Monday to a new all-time low of more than 500,000 against the US dollar.