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When your only tool is The Big Lie... The post Ben Rhodes’s Iran Echo Chamber Resurfaces to Defend Obama’s Nuclear Deal appeared first on RedState.

"[UNIFIL commander] seems to be the only person in south Lebanon who is blind to what Hezbollah is doing," The post Nikki Haley Hammers UN Peacekeeping Force For Concealing Hezbollah Rearmament appeared first on RedState.

Following the discovery of a “dakhmeh” (also called tower of silence) in Torkabad City, Yazd Province, six ossuary rooms have revealed traces of ancient burial rituals in ancient Persia. Zoroastrian ossuaries discovered in the Tower of Silence i...

Using economic penalties to achieve diplomatic goals has a poor track record when the target is powerful and autocratic, and workarounds exist.

The Iran nuclear deal is seeking a cameo role in The Walking Dead The post NYT, Others: Trump Nearly Pulled the Plug On the Iran Nuclear Deal appeared first on RedState.

A bad deal made worse by a bad relationship The post Trump Administration Prepares to Re-Certify Iran Nuclear Deal as Agreement Melts Down appeared first on RedState.

Tucker Carlson has a knack for creating viral content in his often aggressive interviews. This time, however, he lets the sneering and snide side of his personality completely take over, as he takes on Max Boot, who gets down in the gutter with Carls...