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"You're not going to have daily, sometimes hourly tweets on sensitive foreign policy matters," one veteran diplomat told Insider.

An array of senior advisors persuaded Trump against pursuing a strike with such a short time left in his presidency, The New York Times reported.

Donald Trump asked senior White House advisers last Thursday if he could strike Iran's main nuclear site in the coming weeks, reports the New York Times on Monday evening. That site is Natanz, and it houses Iran's nuclear stockpile. The Oval Offic...

US officials are shedding more light on how Iran-linked hackers stole voter info to send intimidating emails to Democrat voters. The FBI and Homeland Security’s CISA have issued an advisory (via Bleeping Computer) explaining the campaign, which ran...

One week to the U.S. presidential election and things are getting spicy. It’s not just the rhetoric — hackers are actively working to disrupt the election, officials have said, and last week they came with a concrete example and an unusually...

The sanctions Trump has layered on Iran have gone largely unnoticed in the US. But for Iranians, they are impossible to ignore.

At a press conference on Wednesday evening, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told reporters that two foreign actors, Iran and Russia, have been identified as taking actions to interfere in the US elections. Ratcliffe claimed the two h...