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Didn’t your mother tell you not to believe everything you hear? You might think you have a million dollar neighbor but… don’t make any bets on what you hear.  The truth is that the list price is not always the actual sale price...

Somewhere in this thread (BenJamin' and others on top form!) is the standard fare argument along the following lines:Under the current system with high taxation of incomes and output and light taxation of land, you at least have the knowledge that on...

The words above are from this nation's Declaration of Independence - a document whose importance is surpassed only by the United States Constitution. The words were used as the justification for breaking away from England, and establishing our own na...

Earlier this week, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, the parents of Charlie Gard, announced their heartbreaking decision to stop seeking treatment on his behalf. As Chris Gard said at the time, “We’ve decided it’s no longer in Charlie’s be...

Today, discerning what is actually true from the tribal media is like trying to eat soup on a Tilt-a-Whirl. The post Am I the Only One Who Is Losing Faith in…Well…Everything? appeared first on RedState.

Keep the bloated federal government in check and keep control of government close to the people. The post States’ Rights Still Matter appeared first on RedState.

We (or maybe just me?) got ourselves into a long discussion on an earlier post that rather lost its way.  So I thought I'd try to make a bit clearer the point I was trying to make.  First of all I would expect that all of you know about the...