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It's still the greatest nation on earth. The post Amid Absolute Absurdity, Thursday’s Debate Spotlighted America as a Shining City Upon a Hill appeared first on RedState.

Civil liberties campaign group Liberty has lost its latest challenge to controversial U.K. surveillance powers that allow state agencies to intercept and retain data in bulk. The challenge fixed on the presence of so-called “bulk” powers...

He blew it. The post Missouri Police Department: Hiding Felony Suspect’s Loud Flatulence Ratted Him Out appeared first on RedState.

Victory came via the beauty of bravery. The post A Cinematic Tribute Reminds Us How Tough We Were – America’s Liberty Was Won & Preserved Amid the Ugliness of War appeared first on RedState.

    Rob Schneider, it seems to me, doesn’t get nearly enough credit. His movies — like the comedy projects of close friend Adam Sandler — are never going to make a splash at the Oscars; but the guy is a talented character...

The college got schooled. The post VICTORY: In the Aftermath of Egregious Bias, UC Berkeley Had to Pay $70,000 to Conservative Groups appeared first on RedState.

    First, they held hands. Then, they moved a little closer. A little nuzzle. A little cuddle. Before you knew it, they were full-on spooning. I’m speaking, of course, of the relationship between the Left and socialism — a revo...