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 Civil liberties group Liberty has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a U.K. High Court challenge to the bulk powers contained within a new domestic surveillance law. Read More...

Johnson not receiving Ron Paul's endorsement is surely a heavy blow for the Libertarian candidate. The post Ron Paul Did NOT Say He Was Endorsing Jill Stein, but He’s Not Endorsing Gary Johnson Either appeared first on RedState.

Parker and Stone make it very clear they aren't a fan of either Trump or Clinton.The post South Park Creators Would Vote Johnson Over Trump and Hillary, or “Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich” appeared first on RedState.

*Editorial Note: This post was prepared before Donald Trump gave his remarks. If Trump went off script, I will respond accordingly.* The prepared remarks from Donald J. Trump, the Republican Nominee for President of the United States, are decent but...

I've been mostly keeping my head down this weekend and staying away from social media after a post I wrote on Friday went viral - primarily among a liberal audience. It has become the most trafficked piece ever in RedState history, even though it doe...

Fort McHenry - Baltimore, MarylandActs 22:28 “And the chief captain answered, With a great sum obtained I this freedom. And Paul said, But I was free born.”We live in a world where every word is analyzed and every thought found to be offensive, o...

Thou Shalt Kill

By Gawker on Jun 16, 2016 in: guns, liberty

On Monday, a representative of the National Rifle Association officially blamed “political correctness” for the massacre in Orlando this past weekend. This line of argument—that that the killings were a result of our inability to speak frankly...