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As we’ve written about previously, some nursing homes and other long-term care facilities use forced arbitration contracts to prevent their residents bringing a legal action against the home in a court of law. Today, the Department of Health and Hu...

While the number of people without health insurance is at its lowest, thanks largely to Obamacare, continued declines are far from certain.

THEN it was a bad, bad thing….The Sydney Morning Herald, 4 January 2014:Health Minister Peter Dutton has predicted an overhaul of Medicare, saying spiralling costs will make the system ''unmanageable'' without change.In an interview with Fairfax Me...

If you pay rent to a property management company with the aim of eventually owning the place, are you a renter or a homeowner? Some companies are blurring that line.

PACE, a Medicare program that helps keep older people in their own homes, is allowing for-profit companies in. Tech and venture capital have expressed interest.

When someone is receiving hospice care, it usually means they’re very close to the end of their life. But what happens if that person simply refuses to die? A woman who’s outlived her prognosis has lost hospice care for that very reason, CBS New...

@bamboozled3 tweeted this snapshot on 24 July 2016 from Sue Robinson's Facebook page entry of 21 July:The Australian Health Minister is reported as stating that we are now working through her situation in a bid to address her concerns.