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The selection, coming at a crucial moment for the company, positions him to succeed his father as publisher.

Mr. Sulzberger, who was named The Times’s deputy publisher, is the author of a report calling for sweeping changes and a digital future for the paper.

With the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers playing for the National League championship, newspapers in the two cities kicked off a skirmish. But did they go too far?

Two employees of a Scottish paper who left recently were the last newspaper journalists actually working on the street that gave the British press its nickname.

A lawyer for Mr. Trump denied the allegations of inappropriate touching made by two women in an article on Thursday in The New York Times.

The mayor condemned The New York Post in a news conference and in an interview with The New York Times on Thursday. Last year, he spoke openly about his divisive relationship with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

The Arizona Republic on Tuesday joined several other publications that had broken long traditions of backing Republicans for president.