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Random thoughts and observations by former regional newspaper editor Michael Gorey from Adelaide on Australian life, society, media, sport, business and politics.

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DNA tests have proved a connection between the South Australian and Victorian branches of the Gorey family in Australia. The post DNA match proves Gorey family connection appeared first on Michael Gorey.

This is a true story of sex, feuds and devotion. It’s the story of my grandfather’s aunt, Mary Gorey. The post Sex, feuds and devotion appeared first on Michael Gorey.

The first Michael Gorey in Australia was my great-grandfather Edward's eldest brother, born at sea on 24 September 1841. The post The first Michael Gorey appeared first on Michael Gorey.

I’ve started a new adventure in Bendigo and it’s the first time I’ve lived in Victoria since leaving Porepunkah for Kalgoorlie in 2006. The post New adventure in Bendigo appeared first on Michael Gorey.

Sunspot removal

on Jul 13, 2023

I went to the skin doctor in Bundaberg last week for a sunspot removal procedure and everything went smoothly. There are multiple options for sunspot removal, including prescription creams and laser therapy. Mine was a surgical excision or shave exci...


on Jul 9, 2023 in: Opinion, life

Roundabouts are like a microcosm of society. Some people go through them too aggressively and some are too defensive, not enough are sensible. The post Roundabouts appeared first on Michael Gorey.

Offa’s Dyke Path

on Jul 8, 2023 in: Travel, UK

In 2014 I walked the 285km Offa's Dyke Path from Chepstow to Prestatyn along the Wales-England border. The post Offa’s Dyke Path appeared first on Michael Gorey.