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Random thoughts and observations by former regional newspaper editor Michael Gorey from Adelaide on Australian life, society, media, sport, business and politics.

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2023 travel photos

on Apr 29, 2023 in: Travel

Photos from our 2023 holiday including visits to Hong Kong, Finland, Austria, Italy, Greece, France, Belgium and South Korea. The post 2023 travel photos appeared first on Michael Gorey.

Snowfall Protocol scam

on Feb 4, 2023 in: Opinion

The Snowfall Protocol crypto token is a scam which has robbed more than 5000 people, with Google complicit in promoting it through news. The post Snowfall Protocol scam appeared first on Michael Gorey.

David Warner was awarded man of the cricket series against South Africa but Travis Head would have been a more deserving winner. The post David Warner man of the series appeared first on Michael Gorey.

The Victorian election result was a disaster for the Liberal Party and the Nationals need to distance themselves and quit the Coalition. The post Victoria Nationals need to quit Coalition appeared first on Michael Gorey.

Beware of Australian crypto debit card provider CryptoSpend if you value trust, safety and security in your financial transactions. The post Beware of CryptoSpend appeared first on Michael Gorey.

I noticed today that I had an unknown charge of $24.07 from Amazon Prime on my American Express credit card. The post Amazon Prime unknown charge appeared first on Michael Gorey.

Down by the Riverside

on Sep 29, 2022 in: Opinion, design

Riverside revitalisation has invigorated those Australian towns and cities which have invested to enhance their natural assets. The post Down by the Riverside appeared first on Michael Gorey.