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Random thoughts and observations by former regional newspaper editor Michael Gorey from Adelaide on Australian life, society, media, sport, business and politics.

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The Henbury meteorite craters in Central Australia are a remarkable reminder of the power of the universe. The post Henbury Meteorite craters appeared first on Michael Gorey.


on Jul 7, 2017



on Jul 4, 2017

Man enjoying a quick break in the morning.

Canberra morning

on Jul 1, 2017

The Kingston Foreshore on a morning where the temperature dropped to minus eight degrees.

Telopea Park

on Apr 9, 2017

Telopea Park is one of my favourite places in the Canberra neighbourhood where I live. The park was established in 1922 and it's very long and thin, with many large native and introduced trees. A stormwater drain runs along the middle of the park,...

Woden bike ride

on Apr 2, 2017

Living in Canberra without a car means I rely on the trusty bicycle for much of my transport. It's only 3.4km to work along a nice trail and most of my shopping and other requirements are within walking distance or a short ride. It means I haven't b...

Red Hill

on Feb 25, 2017

    Red Hill is a leafy Canberra suburb with just over 3200 people, about 5km south of the city. I rode the bike there today and climbed the hill, which offers fantastic views over Canberra to the north and Woden to the south. It's hard to be...