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Almost as soon as federal, state and local governments around the world began to consider what climate change might mean to them, it became obvious the insurance industry had been do the same for some time and had considered its options - at one poin...

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On a recent Reddit thread, u/brunoflourenco shared their experience with an Airbnb listing in London—which turned out to be a fake. “We get there, knock on the door, the guy comes out and looks really confused,” they wrote. “We tell him that...

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Property developers in London built more than 1,900 luxury flats in 2018, the majority of which have so far failed to sell; all told, there are 3,000 luxury flats on the market, a high-water mark for a city whose property market was hijacked by offsh...

From entertainment to transportation, technology has upended nearly every major industry -- with one notable exception: real estate.