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The 21-year-old college student was detained by Japanese authorities and accused of trying to smuggle over $2.4 million worth of drugs from Cambodia.

On June 6, a huge expansion to DisneySea, one of the two Disney theme parks in Tokyo, will open. It's called Fantasy Springs, and at over $2 billion, it's the most expensive expansion to any existing theme park ever. Even before this expansion, Dis...

Formula 1 is back — but going to a Grand Prix comes at a price. From Bahrain to Monaco, here's a preview of the race schedule, ranked by ticket price.

The 38-year-old teacher had his pay temporarily docked after putting the student in a headlock and punching him twice in the head, officials said.

Carey Finn and her wife Ali each gave birth to one of their two kids in Tokyo. The Japanese birth certificates have them listed as single moms.

Moon landings are so complex that even the tiniest mistakes have caused missions to crash or burn. These photos from space explain why.

Zuckerberg plans to make a stop in Seoul next, but for now, he's living it up, Tokyo style.