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Credit Suisse is also telling staff that their roles are "not immediately impacted" after UBS sealed a deal to acquire the 167-year-old lender.

A member of Putin's inner circle is believed to have played a key role in channeling the Russian president's cash into Swiss accounts.

UBS awarded CEO Ralph Hamers $13 million as he "successfully led UBS through a challenging year" amid geopolitical and macroeconomic headwinds.

Toblerone chocolate bars have lost their Swiss status and must now erase the iconic Matterhorn from its packaging. Although the triangle-shaped chocolate bars have been touted as "Swiss-made" since 1908, when it was created in Bern, the country of Sw...

The Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia ruled that US consumers understand "gruyère to refer to a type of cheese, which renders the term generic."...

Mondelez is moving some of Toblerone's production to Slovakia — which means that it wouldn't meet Bern's legal definition of "Swissness."...

Paderewski: Piano Concerto - Yoav Levanon, Lucerne Symphony Orchestra - Le Piano Symphonique, KKL Luzern (Photo: Philipp Schmidli)Paderewski: Piano Concerto, Glass, Galuppi, Cimarosa, Mozart, Edmund Finnis: Mirror Images; Yoav Levanon, Lucerne Sympho...