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John Rowe who’ has donated to dozens of Republican Congress members is threatening to withhold campaign contributions to Republican lawmakers. The post Influential GOP Donor Threatens GOP Over DACA appeared first on RedState.

We are spending a lot of time discussing what happens to data when you explicitly or implicitly share it. But what about data that you have never ever shared?

It seemed like a good idea, at first. The post Yes, the ATF ARE Investigating the Dumb Anti-Gun Virginia Candidate Who Sawed the Barrel of an AR-15 appeared first on RedState.

You don't see this every day. The post BREAKING: Virginia House of Delegates Race Tied; Race To Be Settled The Old-Fashioned Way appeared first on RedState.

The big myth is that The Polls Got It Wrong in 2016. But the elections in 2017 have made it clear that The Polls Are Getting It Right. The post Face It: The Polls Were Right appeared first on RedState.

The Virginia Tech teaching instructor accused of being an avowed white supremacist has apologized for his beliefs, but maintains that they have also been oversimplified and distorted. Mark Daniel Neuhoff, who previously taught English composition, wa...

Looming defeat has set the GOP free to be the terrible party it always wanted to be.