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"Hedonism is the new black underwear." This is what happens wh...

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Personal blog of a rambling academic petrolhead and caffeine junkie


Personal family friendly blog with ideas, opinions, insight...whatever.

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Business notes from a WIB

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Interior design & decorating ideas from a busy woman on a tight budget


A Western Canadian view on Canadian Politics with a personal touch on being...

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A personal blog with no set subject matter.


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Melissa Thorpe, head of Spaceport Cornwall, said she didn't look like the average spaceport director and has faced several challenges.

In the olden days, when a woman scorned wanted to exact revenge on the man who hurt her, she might just slash his tires. But when you’re an international pop star, you can spread the gospel even further, and if Lana Del Rey has anything to say abou...

It’s a Norman Rockwell-esque scene. A young woman holds up her baby to blow out the candles on his first birthday cake as his older brother looks on. A bespectacled man in his late fifties stands next to them, beaming. What an adoring grandfather,...

There seems to be some confusion among Republicans in Congress as to what exactly a woman is—perhaps because there are so few women among them.Read more...

Women are building wealth through homeownership, First American deputy economist Odeta Kushi told Insider — whether they're going it alone or not.

Climate change and reproductive rights are thought of as separate and distinct issues, but they’re more interrelated than people realize: An estimated 14 million women and girls are at risk of losing access to contraception and other options to con...