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The Unique Art of Marian Fanny Christian combining ink drawings with nude p...

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"Hedonism is the new black underwear." This is what happens wh...

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A Western Canadian view on Canadian Politics with a personal touch on being...

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Ligia [Flickr]

By Raoul Pop on May 25, 2019 in: woman

Raoul Pop posted a photo: At the National Arboretum, Washington, DC...

Way to go, Resistance. You're doing your side proud. The post Elderly Disabled Woman Reports Harassment Over Trump Support, She’s Investigated Instead appeared first on RedState.

Link ☾: http://www.altmusicgroup.com.au/artist/kaiit/...

Link ☾: https://sevdaliza.com/...

Also, you're oppressing women. The post If You’re a Biological Man Competing in a Women’s Sport, You’re a Cheater appeared first on RedState.

Amy Brooks was born without arms or legs. In a series of wonderful videos, she shows how she goes about everyday activities like folding laundry, cooking, showering, and writing. After being abandoned at the hospital by her birth parents,...

Raoul Pop posted a photo: In downtown Berlin, Germany...