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Special moments like these show what real oppression of women looks like. The post Watch: Woman Freed from ISIS Control in Raqqa Celebrates by Ripping off Mandated Clothing appeared first on RedState.

Shutting down online recruitment and communication The post G7 Meets with Internet Titans to Discuss Stopping the Spread of Terrorism Online appeared first on RedState.

There is a first time for everything The post US MQ-9 Reaper Drone Shot Down in Yemen. Yes, There Is VIDEO appeared first on RedState.

They are insistent, which does leave one questioning whether or not they know something we don't yet know. The post Despite FBI Statement, ISIS Insists Las Vegas Shooter Was Theirs appeared first on RedState.

An 18-year-old refugee "foster child" could intend most anything The post It Is Possible the Motive of the Latest London Subway Bombing May Never Be Known appeared first on RedState.

Ben Shapiro, the most popular conservative commentator is set to give a speech at Berkeley, California, tomorrow, and the mainstream media outlets would have you think a hurricane is about to wipe the town out. The LA Times told its readers that Berk...

On September 11, 2001, a group of evil men hijacked four planes. Two crashed into the World Trade Center towers. One crashed into the Pentagon. One crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. The intent of the attacks was plain as day: to strike fear into th...