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The network will keep covering the war in Gaza, but it will be harder for Israelis to watch. Israel calls the network a security threat, while Al Jazeera says Israel wants to conceal its brutality.

The Beirut bureau chief for The Associated Press, he was kidnapped in 1985 by Islamic militants.

Russian narratives served to deflect attention from the failure to prevent the deadly attack while rallying the country behind the war in Ukraine.

A technology watchdog group says Twitter is violating U.S. sanctions by selling checkmark subscriptions to known terrorist leaders, including Hezbollah leaders and Houthi groups, reports The New York Times. "We were surprised to find that X was provi...

Increasing instances of "swatting" attacks targeting politicians are a sign of a declining democracy, authoritarianism expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat told BI.

Luke Isaac Terpstra, 30, of Grant, Michigan was arrested by police there earlier this month and charged with possessing bombs with unlawful intent. Salem Police Department in faraway Massachussets claim he was planning to bomb the Satanic Temple ther...

Tunnels have run under Gaza for decades. But when Hamas took over, the underground network expanded into what Israel calls its biggest military threat.