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The charts above are from the Public Religion Research Institute. They show that Americans have a definite double standard when it comes to religious violence. When a christian commits violence, most are quick to say he/she wasn't really a christian.

Swedes completed the three stages of processing a blatant Trump administration lie (confusion, followed by anger, followed by Twitter jokes), after the president implied at a rally in Florida on Saturday that Sweden experienced a terrorist attack on...

So is it still fake news when Trump does it? The post Listen As Trump Talks About A Terrorist Attack That Never Happened appeared first on RedState.

In keeping with its tradition of lambasting the press, the White House last week released a list of 78 terrorist attacks from September 2014 and December 2016 to which it claimed journalists had not paid enough attention. The widely-covered shootings...

I think Netanyahu just told us what the final agreement on a two-state solution will look like. The post Did Netanyahu Just Tell Us What A Two-State Solution Looks Like? appeared first on RedState.

This should have been a no-brainer, no wonder Samantha Power didn't think of it. The post Nikki Haley Pours Cold Water On Palestinian Authority appeared first on RedState.

Perhaps this ill conceived Obama program should be discontinued entirely. The post Muslim Groups Are Refusing Federal Funds Aimed at Combatting Violent Extremism appeared first on RedState.