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The Acorn KingThe Acorn King

Bloggings from a deep man in a shallow pool.

Orbis TerrorumOrbis Terrorum

A “finger” on the pulse of British terror. Now incorporating the “ski...

...by Jeff Tompkins - Guaranteed 87% Fact-free!...by Jeff Tompkins - Guaranteed 87% Fact-free!

Humor/satire columns and frequent blog entries. Topics range from everyday ...

15 Minute Lunch15 Minute Lunch

I notice funny stuff. I write down the funny stuff I notice. Sometimes I wr...

Obscure ProtestObscure Protest

Democratic free speech shamefully abused

Dr Alan's PlacebologyDr Alan's Placebology

Dr Alan's Placebology is a fictional list by a fictional doctor of &qu...

Brain Dead Air - Tech NewsBrain Dead Air - Tech News

Your regular interface with dimension geek. Humorous spoof tech news.


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The Other Two is a surprisingly smart and kind comedy about fame and the pop culture industrial complex, or at least it felt that way from the pilot. Now you can watch the whole first season for free on the Comedy Central site for the next two weeks.

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