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This nutritionist is fed up with Americans not knowing the basics of healthy eating and for preventing disease and losing weight.

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Americans seem more prone to guilt than other cultures. Especially when it comes to what we eat. Why is it that people in France and Italy get to eat rich, delicious foods, don't obsess, and are healthier and thinner than most Americans? (And plea...

Forks Over Knives

on Sep 18, 2011 in: diabetes

Maybe you haven't heard of this movie, but it's incredibly informative, inspirational, and just plain riveting -- and yes, it's all about how our diet either causes disease or prevents and reverses chronic illness. Even though I had read it all befo...

This article published in the Sept. issue of The Journal of Clinical Nutrition is mind-blowing. When we think about how many women (and men) develop breast cancer, and how much money is raised to "cure" this cancer, let's not forget that our diet ca...