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The Tender Flowers

on Jun 22, 2017

A Dean at Yale was fired when students discovered she’d posted “insensitive reviews” on Yelp and the entire student body started having fainting fits. Hey, I guess I’m never getting hired by Yale given the way I write on...

Gosh, Latin American studies are so dead. I read stuff published within the last 3 years, and there’s nothing but the same tired old ideas I was taught 20 years ago as an undergrad based on the sources from the 1970s. Nothing is sadder than a f...

What I love about our area is how reliable our local bunnies are.  Whenever Klara begins to get cranky or uncooperative, I tell her, “Let’s go outside and look at bunnies!” She’s big enough to understand that bunnies are...

A Great Link

on Jun 22, 2017

Folks, here is a great article on the use of the term racism. The first half is too verbose and a bit belabored but the second half is great. Note that the author uses the same definition of Liberalism as the one I discussed recently, as a...

A Good Sign

on Jun 22, 2017

These days, the candidates who are more desperate to raise money are the ones who’ll lose. So this is a very good sign. Filed under: Uncategorized...

History Repeats

on Jun 21, 2017

The UK’s political developments mimic the recent US history so closely that it’s like a bad joke. A gauche, uncharismatic woman who can’t say a word without annoying voters and a flamboyant Putinoid con artist who rides to power on...

A Recipe

on Jun 21, 2017

“In Morocco, for instance, 71 percent of men said women enjoyed sexual harassment, but only 42 percent of women agreed. Only 20 percent of Egyptian women said women enjoyed harassment, but 43 percent of men said they did.” And in Latin Am...