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Warren vs Bernie

on Jul 15, 2018

During a campaign-style tour of the West late last month, Senator Elizabeth Warren did not announce she was running for president. But in private events and public speeches, her message about 2020 was as clear as it was rousing. God, I hope not. She&...


on Jul 15, 2018

A colleague’s daughter said that academics work 24-7. Twenty-four hours a week, seven months a year. I don’t work like this but if I wanted to, I could. Many people do. We like to deny it but it’s a fact. Many people do and many mor...

El Salvador is on the news a lot, and I wanted to introduce this great Salvadoran writer to remind people that the country isn’t all about violence, gangs, the legacy of the civil war, and other horrors. There are also literature, art, and incr...

Mental Health Crisis

on Jul 15, 2018

A subtitle in an NYTIMES article on the importance the reading: Books Can Take You Places Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Go People are in the grip of mass insanity.

What Changed?

on Jul 15, 2018

In 1979 the USSR invaded a neighboring country and all normal countries boycotted the Moscow Olympics. Since 2014 Russia not only invaded a neighboring country and a faraway country but also downed a civilian airplane from Netherlands and meddled in...

Cold War Rhetoric

on Jul 14, 2018

When Russia invaded Ukraine, killed thousands of people, and created a million of internal refugees in Ukraine, the rare person who tried to mention these events in public was sternly exhorted to abstain from promoting the Cold War rhetoric. People w...

Klara went to a birthday party today, and yet again I was stunned at how great American kids are. One 7-year-old boy played kitchen with Klara, and he was so kind and gentle and understanding with her that it was amazing. He never pushed her or tried...