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on Dec 6, 2016

So there is actually a crock pot made specifically for fermentation?? And I had no idea this entire time? I have lived my life in vain.Filed under: Uncategorized...

The Gilmore Girls sequel sucks because it’s so realistic. But it’s not all bad. The last 3 words of the sequel save it and, while still realistic, make it hopeful. Will you watch it now? Filed under: Uncategorized...


on Dec 6, 2016

People who feel profoundly humiliated by the circumstances of their lives will be desperate to generate a heroic persona to compensate for the feelings of humiliation. These feelings, of course, need to have no basis in what others might perceive a...

Just so that you get a glimpse of who we are: when my mother came to visit, she traveled with her own meat grinder that is bigger and weighs more than Klara. And then she traveled back home with it.Filed under: Uncategorized...

No Privacy

on Dec 6, 2016

There’s no privacy left in the world. I so wanted to share what great gifts I got people for Christmas and New Year’s but all of them except N and the babies read my blog. One can’t even be private on one’s own blog. File...


on Dec 6, 2016

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said in a report this year that cashiers were the second-largest occupation, with 3.5 million employed in the U.S. And Amazon invented a way to make them obsolete. That’s what we should be talking about instead of...

The Boeing Scandal 

on Dec 6, 2016

Opposition to Trump should not venture into the territory of “let’s allow greedy corporations to rob is blind to spite Trump.” It’s a screaming shame that taxpayers should pay Boeing  $170,000,000 “to help determine...