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Progressive Dean

on Jun 20, 2021

The previous Dean was a passionate supporter of Elizabeth Warren. Pro-social justice, all that stuff. His biggest achievement on campus was firing half of the administrative staff and forcing the rest to do the jobs of two or three people for the sam...

Great Party

on Jun 20, 2021

It was a great party. 35-40 people there. Not a single conversation about COVID, vaccines, or any of that. The only negative part was that I ate some fake meat by mistake. People should attach labels, or something.

Dear Sir

on Jun 20, 2021

The new instructor responded to my email with “Dear Sir, it is wonderful to hear from you.” I don’t mind being called sir, sire, or even my lord. It’s the lack of curiosity that prevents one from at least googling the future p...

Wrong Neighborhood

on Jun 20, 2021

A Puerto Rican couple was gunned down in Chicago yesterday for driving through a wrong neighborhood with a Puerto Rican flag. Nobody cares, of course, because it’s one of many shootings in a yet another blood-soaked weekend in Chicago. But it&#...

Party Time

on Jun 20, 2021

Klara and I are at a party while N is celebrating Father’s Day at home preparing for a job interview.

Secret Demons

on Jun 20, 2021

This whole argument of “if the stupid proles find out the truth about COVID, they’ll genocide the Chinese/ they are on the verge of genociding the blacks, the Muslims, the gays / let’s make sure we keep their genocidal impulses unde...

Out and About

on Jun 19, 2021

The pandemic didn’t make us stay locked up indoors but the heat wave did. I’m out at a local juicery with Klara, resting after a great long walk. We haven’t gone outdoors for two weeks, and I now know how victims of lockdowns feel a...