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Finally There

on Jul 16, 2019

And finally… I’m in the land of amazing coffee and horrible service. My suitcase has been lost already. My faith in humanity is soon to follow.

Crónicas negras

on Jul 15, 2019

So I’m reading Black Chronicles: From a Region that Doesn’t Matter, which is a collection of investigative reports from Central America. I already told you about the first article in the book, in which Roberto Valencia talks about a teena...

I’m Responsible

on Jul 15, 2019

So I scheduled some good posts for while I’m up in the air. Because Iberia only gives 4 megabytes of free WiFi to Business. Yes, megabytes. Yes, four. I had no idea anybody existed in single-digit megabytes any more but whatever.

Toddler Cure

on Jul 15, 2019

I’m leaving for Spain! Valencia-Donostia-Madrid! My sister is already there, waiting for me. I go to conferences with my own support group. I’ll be speaking about Basque children’s literature. I wanted to take a break from nationali...


on Jul 15, 2019

People who doubt that cultural differences exist should observe the boarding of the flight Miami-Madrid by Iberia and contrast it with the boarding of Miami-Pittsburg by American Airlines at the neighboring gate. This would disabuse them of the notio...

Flight Drink

on Jul 15, 2019

What’s your favorite beverage to have on a flight? Mine is tomato juice. I never drink anything else, and if I have several connecting flights, I end up chugging liters of it. Economy, business, first class, it’s always tomato juice for m...


on Jul 15, 2019

Ok, I now love olives. And I really detested them quite recently. Is this age related or does Iberia airlines serve some kind of special olives?