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on Aug 21, 2017

The eclipse culminated with a huge bout of thunder. The heat is supposed to drop after it rains. That was one useful eclipse.Filed under: Uncategorized...

Instead of having the regular, familiar and comforting nightmares about coming to the first day of classes without any syllabi, tonight I had nightmares about Jewish pogroms and having to escape the slaughter.Filed under: Uncategorized...

A Great July

on Aug 21, 2017

I was completely wrong about July. It turned out to be a great month for the blog, with really good readership numbers. It was the best July the blog has ever known by far.  Thank you for reading! Much more exciting stuff awaits us. Filed u...

Protected: Negativity

on Aug 21, 2017

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I was wondering when the terror attacks in Spain were going to produce some juicy conspiracy theories, and finally they did.  The theory is that there was no attempted terror act in Cambrils. Police just came, grabbed a few random “moros&#...


on Aug 21, 2017

This is one of the rare times that I don’t envy the environment in the world of business. At my work, we are practically exhorted to take students out to view the eclipse instead of teaching regular classes.  But this feeling is as ra...


on Aug 21, 2017

Oh, come on, like nobody snuck a peek on the eclipse without the glasses? You must be truly old if you weren’t even tempted. Filed under: Uncategorized...