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The Elbow Thing

on Apr 4, 2020

I though it was a joke about sneezing into elbows but now it seems even billionaires do it. From Illinois governor Pritzker: There’s a reason we’re raised to cover our mouths or use our elbows when we cough and sneeze. It’s a simple gesture to...

Hanging Out

on Apr 3, 2020

I have finally managed to explain to my husband the organizing principle of my parenting strategy: it’s crucial for a kid to spend as much time as possible not doing anything in particular and just hanging out, thinking, staring at the sky, con...

Virus Schedule

on Apr 3, 2020

It’s not myself I’m worrying about in this quarantine. I’m having a really grand time here. But it’s very clear to me that the shelter in place order for my region has been a massive mistake. The virus hasn’t reached us...

The Real Polarization

on Apr 3, 2020

The people who suffer economically in the lockdown – the waiters, the store assistants, the cleaners, the Uber drivers, everybody, that is, who can’t work online – are the same people who can’t get themselves heard in the digi...

Can’t Keep Up

on Apr 3, 2020

Being a Latin Americanist is really hard because – and here’s a fresh and deeply original thought for the day – Latin America is so much larger than Spain and there are consequently so many great writers. It’s impossible to fo...

No Library

on Apr 3, 2020

We aren’t allowed to request library books anymore, which makes my work very difficult. The administration responded to the difficulty by canceling the so-called “research requirement.” This means that we aren’t required to do...

Some Late Night Humor

on Apr 3, 2020

I don’t know how I turned into a person who quotes tweets but this one is pretty good: February: I’m not an impeachment scholar, but March: I’m not an epidemiologist,...