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A well-known history professor in Russia was detained as he was trying to drown female arms in the Neva River. At home, he had the dismembered body of his mistress who was 40 years his junior and a skeleton of an unknown male. This was a fairly impor...

Serves Us Right

on Nov 10, 2019

Echidne, one of the oldest, most respected feminist blogs, realizes that feminism has been killed and buried: An interview in the New Republic with Andrea Long Chu, about her new book Females made me realize that feminism is utterly pointless. Well,...

A Museum of Neoliberalism opens in London next week. London itself is one huge museum of neoliberalism, so I’m not sure what the point is.

Spanish Elections

on Nov 10, 2019

In an extremely predictable turn of events, Vox dramatically increased its support and got the third largest number of seats in the Spanish parliament, surpassingly the very progressive Podemos. Vox more than doubled the number of seats it got since...

I didn’t get Central America at first but I was looking too close. You have to see the whole region at once to get it.


on Nov 9, 2019

I had a really great meeting with the Chancellor yesterday. I deeply dislike university administrators with their degrees in educational leadership and community building (for real, our previous administrator had these degrees). They love diversity b...

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