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E-learning Is Stupid

on Jul 12, 2020

If it’s between e-learning and homeschooling, I’d 100% choose homeschooling. I see absolutely no value in obligatory vegetation in front of a screen. It’s definitely one of the huge ironies of life that I now seriously consider home...


on Jul 12, 2020

It took me 24 hours to get back to normal after the contretemps with the pothead bath salts. Once I recovered, I realized that in my dazed state I had taken advantage of a sale on Israeli history books and purchased a bunch. I can quit narcotic bath...

Best Quarantine

on Jul 12, 2020

My kid had the absolute best time in quarantine for one reason: I didn’t watch or read a single news report on COVID. It doesn’t mean I’m indifferent to the subject. I actually know tons about it. But I didn’t let those vile m...


on Jul 12, 2020

“Cancel culture” sounds catchy and cute (plus, there’s alliteration, which always makes for a good slogan) but it’s confusing and open to endless time-consuming debates. What constitutes canceling? What’s a culture? Once...


on Jul 12, 2020

Schools – and that means the capacity to make a living and practice your career – are held hostage until we give them what they want and vote the right way. As soon as we do that, evidence will appear (or, rather, will be noticed) that th...

Must Be a Lie

on Jul 11, 2020

N and I were watching a series, and there was a newscast momentarily appearing in the show. The newscaster said something utterly anodyne. “She’s lying,” I immediately thought. This reaction wasn’t suggested by the TV showR...

Why Is It Legal?

on Jul 11, 2020

There’s no warning on the packaging of the CBD bath salts. I had to squint to read it because I’m too zonked out to read normally but I’m fairly certain there is no warning. It says it’s not FDA approved but nothing about poss...