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Russian ISIS 

on Jan 16, 2017

After liberating parts of Mosul, Iraqi soldiers found passports belonging to terrorists who came from other countries to join ISIS. Most of them were, of course, from Russia. And not just from Chechnya and Dagestan but from the European part of Russi...

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Tyranny and Freedom

on Jan 15, 2017

The religions that existed before the rise of protestantism were an obstacle to the formation of capitalist mentality. Capitalism is all about placing the satisfaction of human needs above all, and the dietary, sartorial, amorous, etc restrictions pl...


on Jan 15, 2017

There’s been an episode of Dr Phil about a lawyer who was convicted of “hypnotizing” his clients and sexually abusing him. It happened in Ohio, but still, it’s bizarre that there should be a whole courthouse full of people who...

Table Foods Update

on Jan 15, 2017

Hey, everybody, thanks for the suggestions on the table foods. I’ve tried a few out, and they work great. Today, for instance, I gave her some blueberries, and it worked. I’d feared she’d gag on them (because that’s what happe...


on Jan 15, 2017

Chasing an 11-month-old around the house changed my definition of going to the gym from “the gym is exhausting” to “let me go have some rest at the gym.”Filed under: Uncategorized...

It’s very sad to see a novel that’s so bad that its own author realizes it and tries to explain its meaning in a postscript. Rosa Montero is not one of my favorite writers but I didn’t expect something quite as lousy from her. The n...