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on Nov 14, 2017

I am a judge for a regional high school student competition. Students are given a quote from a great thinker and have to write an essay about it. This year’s quote is complex and deep.  The high-schoolers who participate in the contest str...

By whiteness — as an institution, as discourse and as the invisible norm –– I am referring to the entitlements provided to most professors by virtue of a white academic institution that privileges cultural norms of formal communicat...

BNW Challenge, #1

on Nov 14, 2017

The BNW challenge, for those of you who are not on FB, consists of people publishing 10 black and white photos of their lives that contain no humans and no something else I currently forget.  I want to do the challenge but I’m too tired to...

Finally, some good news in the Piazza case (a hazing death on campus). “U.S. servicemembers in uniform aren’t coming under attack by anyone in the Resistance. . .” Wait, is ‘Resistance’ still a thing? Or is this pos...

Nazanin Ratcliffe

on Nov 13, 2017

What is entirely beyond my comprehension is who goes on holiday to Iran, of all places? And takes a small child there?  When people leave totalitarian states, like the emigrants from the USSR or from Cuba did, they know they can’t go back...

Small Town

on Nov 13, 2017

I’m back home, folks! And off to the supermarket because the Dominican food is nice but I haven’t had any borscht for days, and I’m jonesing something major.  The older gentleman who is bagging the groceries says, “Ah, I...

Mystery Solved

on Nov 13, 2017

I have finally understood why so many students come to college without knowing the names of the continents and not having the vaguest idea of what the Cold War was, when WWII happened, who Jews are, or what language is spoken in Australia. Students i...