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Unions Work

on Dec 10, 2017

Hey, remember the recent post on union tactics? Well, it seems to have worked. The Chancellor is finally agreeing to negotiate, and we are expecting our raises before Christmas.Filed under: Uncategorized...

Magical Phrases

on Dec 10, 2017

I taught Klara several magical phrases that have made my life much easier: “It’s not ours” “It’s their turn” “It’s attached” “Mama’s coffee is very hot” “It’s not our...

News Today

on Dec 10, 2017

A former Fox News reporter tells the harrowing and detailed story of how once, many years ago, nothing whatsoever happened between her and Trump and she didn’t mind in the least.  Cue the outrage. Filed under: Uncategorized...

There is an enormous, tiresome and tedious dishonesty in talking about “handouts to corporations” in an ahistorical way and extracting them out of the context of liquid capital. Cutting corporate tax rates is an attempt to attract and ret...

Warm Lassi

on Dec 9, 2017

Is it against the rules to heat up mango lassi? I asked for it to be warmed up at the buffet but the workers reacted like I would if somebody asked me to serve chilled borscht. They conducted a consult and arrived at the conclusion that it can’...


on Dec 9, 2017

On top of everything else, I got rejected for my grant. But it’s actually a good thing because, to be honest, I haven’t read a single thing pertaining to the project since I applied. Which tells us I’m not very interested in it....

Time to Notice

on Dec 9, 2017

Investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated after exposing the Panama papers. This kind of stuff has been going on since 1989 but now that it’s possible to squeeze the assassination in the same sentence with “Tru...