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Alexa for the Soviets

on Oct 20, 2018

Nothing compares with the excitement of folks who spent most of their lives in the USSR when they encounter Alexa for the first time. It immediately makes the purchase totally worth it right there.

Early Halloween

on Oct 20, 2018

OK, I know it’s boring because I do it every year but it’s not my fault it gets worse every year and I can’t adapt. Who wants to guess when our neighborhood Halloween party was? Today. I keep staring at the calendar like a maniac. I...

Little Free Library

on Oct 20, 2018

The founder of the Little Free Library died. It’s so sad. And he was quite young, too. We have three little free libraries in the close vicinity, and we use them all the time to take and leave books. I remember how recently the little free libr...

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The Death of Boredom

on Oct 20, 2018

There are many things to hate about smartphones but there’s one thing they definitely changed for the better. Smartphones killed boredom. Nobody will ever be bored again. Of course, boredom is the mother of genius but that’s nitpicking.


on Oct 20, 2018

Incredibly, I just heard a smart idea on immigration on Fox News. Somebody said that processing centers for asylum claims should be set up everywhere in Central America so that people don’t have to trudge in horrible conditions across several b...

“Of course some people believe that women are as human as men but still. . .” This was the last novel written by the famous Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes and it was published posthumously. As you can guess from the preceding quote, you do...