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Yes, it’s been weeks without me bugging anybody with Castellanos Moya, so I’m back at it. Castellanos Moya belongs to the so-called Disillusioned Generation of Central American writers. Before this group started publishing, Central Americ...

Aspiring Writer

on Jan 13, 2019

Turns out Jeff Bezos’s wife is a failed writer. There is a subservient piece in the New York Times that portrays her as a victim of a supposed conspiracy of “independent bookstores” that refused to carry her book to exact vengeance...

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on Jan 13, 2019

Bezos’s wife took “creative writing” clases from Toni Morrison. It’s really funny that nobody ever asked the talented and famous Morrison who she took creative writing classes from. Of course, the answer is that she didn’...

Random People

on Jan 13, 2019

I find it extremely bizarre that there would be an international social media scandal because some French fellow said he isn’t interested in sleeping with 50-year-old women. [For those who don’t know, it’s some French guy, and I saw...


on Jan 13, 2019

I haven’t filled the tank since November, and was stunned by the low gas prices. They haven’t been under $2 for a while. This is good.

Klara is learning to recite “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” When she gets to “Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the shutters, and threw up the sash,” she recites it as “tore open the shutters, a...