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In Florida

on Nov 20, 2018

I’m in Florida! The best state in the union (in spite of the voting recounts). Why do I even have to leave?

Soil Touching

on Nov 20, 2018

Judge Jon S. Tigar of the United States District Court in San Francisco issued a temporary restraining order that blocks the government from carrying out a new rule that denies protections to people who enter the country illegally. The order, which s...

Creepy Creeps

on Nov 20, 2018

Some dumb fuck proposed to Amanda Knox. Of course, he’s an unsuccessful writer desperate for self-promotion but it’s still icky. I don’t get all these folks who are attracted to death and gore. P.S. For those who don’t know wh...

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on Nov 20, 2018

It’s weird but both N and I already feel super well-rested and refreshed after spending 2 hours in Florida. All we’ve done is get the suitcases, get the car, and drive to the hotel through the ridiculous traffic of the eternally broken Es...


on Nov 19, 2018

I love it how Tucker Carson ends every show by declaring himself a sworn enemy of pomposity and smugness. There is no shortage of smug and pompous folks in TV but he’s definitely the epitome of both traits. It’s like me declaring myself a...

Job Wars

on Nov 19, 2018

People keep saying that I don’t care about job wars affecting low-wage workers. But I do and yes, they are affected. This is very similar tothe story where employees were fired for refusing to work after closing hours. What the employees are be...