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Q on SVU

on Sep 29, 2021

Law & Order: SVU has gone full-on QAnon. In the opening episode of the new season, a character everybody calls Q is fighting against a powerful cabal of politician and law enforcement pedophiles. Back in 2016 they had an episode that introduced m...

The Day After

on Sep 29, 2021

Isn’t it great to have a working vaccine? Give it two more weeks, and we’ll be back to normal. On a serious note, I want to be sad that it closed but I can’t. If the entire Broadway goes away as punishment for these people idiocy, I...

Who Won in Germany

on Sep 28, 2021

I was busy yesterday and missed the news that Putin’s puppet won the German election. It made total sense to use the EU to solidify Germany’s dominance of Europe so that the entire continent could then be handed over to the Russians (whic...


on Sep 28, 2021

And to illustrate what I said in the previous post, the UK Labour Party is having a huge internal debate on whether men have cervixes. Apparently, all the rest of labor-related issues have been solved. This is exactly what Mudge describes in her book...

Stephanie Mudge, a professor of Sociology at UC Davis has analyzed the changes that all mainstream parties in 22 Western countries underwent between the 1970s and 2004 (she also analyzed earlier changes but I’m not that interested in the histor...

Another Illustration

on Sep 28, 2021

United is laying off 600 workers. In New York, hundreds of nurses are being laid off. National Guard is being brought in as scabs to work instead of the nurses. And how does the left react? They celebrate. Remember that whole thing with Reagan and ai...

The Cattle Industry

on Sep 27, 2021

A few weeks ago, a friend in Australia called and told me about the country’s new Covid app. Residents of South Australia are required to prove they’re in quarantine by using face recognition and geolocation on this app. If they fail to check in,...