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On Tuesday, McDonald’s Corporation was sued by a group of workers in the state of Michigan who say the global fast-food chain allows pervasive sexual harassment to run rampant at its restaurant locations. The proposed class action lawsuit was filed...

From today's Metro:Ms Ahmed's fight for equal pay for BBC presenters is admirable.The outcome, however, should not be a rise for a woman but a massive reduction in pay for the overpaid male 'talent'.Peter Brown, Croydon.

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Nancy Pelosi is an absolute powerhouse. Despite my criticisms of the Speaker of the House (and I have plenty), it would be foolish to deny that Pelosi will go down as one of the most consequential American politicians of our lifetime. What I don’t...

Elizabeth Warren starts to leave Bernie and Biden in the dust. The post Elizabeth Warren Starts to Pull Away From Biden in Early States appeared first on RedState.