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It's pretty clear who is controlling the Democratic party now, and it's not Nancy Pelosi nor the DCCC. The post The Purging: DCCC Leader Caves to Justice Democrat Bullies, Cancels Fundraising Plans for Pro-Life House Dem appeared first on RedState.

Kellyanne Conway and Nancy Pelosi square off in who is Washington D.C's most pro-woman spat. The post Trump Aide Shoots Back At Pelosi, I’m Not Your Maid. appeared first on RedState.

Tech ethics can mean a lot of different things, but surely one of the most critical, unavoidable, and yet somehow still controversial propositions in the emerging field of ethics in technology is that tech should promote gender equality. But does it?

A real feminist hero. The post Awkward: Kamala Harris Wants to Fine Companies with a Wage Gap…She Should Start With Herself appeared first on RedState.

Are they different when it comes to powerlifting? The post Heritage Foundation Director Suspended from Twitter for the ‘Hateful Conduct’ of Saying Men & Women are Different appeared first on RedState.

Klobuchar's refusal to give a straight answer to the questions speaks volumes - and not in a good way. The post Video: Meghan McCain Grills Amy Klobuchar on Northam, Late Term Abortions, and the Senator Dodges the Question appeared first on RedState.

She seems nice. The post Unhinged Feminist: Pro-Life Men Should Be Forced to Mutilate Their Man Parts for “Every Pregnancy They Create” appeared first on RedState.