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Campus Reform recently took to the campus of American University in Washington, DC to ask students how they felt about some things Donald Trump had said. Among them: “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocum...

In the rush to react this expert forgot he needed something about which to actually be upset. The post Sleepwalking Through Wokeness: NY Times Writer Upset with “Spiderverse” by Rote, Not Reason appeared first on RedState.

Kids are turning away from the left's indoctrination centers. The post Gen Z Is Forgoing College to Attend Trade Schools, and This Is Horrid News for the Left appeared first on RedState.

Bye, comrade Felicia. The post Brazil’s New President Plans to Improve Brazil’s Educational Ranking by Tossing “Marxist Garbage” Out of the Curriculum appeared first on RedState.

Last year, Harvard student Laura Nicolae posted an op-ed in the university’s newspaper entitled “100 Years, 100 Million Lives, Think Twice” in which she described her parents’ flight from Communist Romania in the late 1980s.

Dallas Morning News named Laura Bush its Texan of the Year for 2018, stating: Looking across the Lone Star State and surveying the world at large, there is one person who stands out for her quiet ability to unify people behind a common vision, to fo...

Though not as publicized as the NFL protests, the situation regarding high school teenager India Landry — who was expelled by her Texas public school after she refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance — has inspired similar passion and...