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A few weeks ago, I somehow ended up meeting with an ex-colleague, an academic who was working in the same research institute as I was back then. It was a chance to catch up, and hear about what has been happening ever since I left. More...

    A few days ago, I addressed the most important reason Nike shouldn’t have chosen Colin Kaepernick as the face of its 30-year anniversary campaign (please read here). There are other reasons as well, and it seems that many are taki...

I’m honestly not sure why most people go to college these days. It doesn’t seem to be for occupational readiness, because many of these majors aren’t in the least bit employable (outside of academia). It’s not to grow children...

I wish to my dear and fluffy Lord that I was using hyperbole, but I'm not. The post California University Wanted You to Encourage Your Four-Year-Old to Touch a Friend’s Genitals appeared first on RedState.

Something's rotten in Broward County. The post Broward County School District Isn’t Just Incompetent, They’re Heartless appeared first on RedState.

More stupidity out of Austin. The post New Program at University of Texas Conflates Masculinity with Sexual Assault appeared first on RedState.

If students at the University of Utah are stressed out this finals season, they don’t have to deal with it like the adults they’re supposed to be preparing to be, they can just cry in the library. In fact, it’s pretty much encourage...