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There was a recent event at work that somehow struck an interesting nerve with me. See, there were some academics who wanted to do a study, and somehow the topic of this study was rather close to me professionally, for some reason. It was a very smal...

Female athletes were not only cheated, they were ignored. The post NCAA Names a Man Their “Female Athlete of the Week,” Leaves Out a Few Key Details About Him appeared first on RedState.

Jimmy was wrong on a lot of things but this was one of the funnier things. The post CLIMATE SCARE FLASHBACK: Jimmy Carter Predicts We Run Out of Oil By 2011 appeared first on RedState.

Wow. The post Florida’s Legislature Eyes Bible Classes and Prayer in Every Public High School, and the Bill’s Sponsor is Even More Shocking appeared first on RedState.

The one thing that will get Donald Trump reelected is what James Carville said about the campaign in 1992 of Bush vs Clinton. The post Trump Will Win 2020 Election According to Moody Election Model If… appeared first on RedState.

The left is copying Donald Trump and that has to amuse him greatly. The post Leftist Group is DEMANDING That Democrats Name Who They Would Appoint To Supreme Court appeared first on RedState.

It's time to take science to the next level. The post A University of Illinois Professor Posts an ‘Anti-Racist’ Biologist Job Opening That Will Blow Your Mind. Or Save the World appeared first on RedState.