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A California college student was suspended for revealing his professor’s ridiculous bias. Now, he’s punching back. Yesterday, Andrea Ruth covered the story of a student at Orange Coast College, Caleb O’Neil, who was suspended for fi...

As you know by now, the college campus at UC Berkeley melted down in riots two weeks ago when the controversial Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak. In the face of this mob, the event was cancelled. It was simply not safe for this alt-right spe...

He's blowing the lid off this false flag operation. The post You Won’t Believe Who Robert Reich Blames for Berkeley Violence appeared first on RedState.

 I’ve been reading a lot of Neil Postman lately. It’s been one of those years and I’m writing a book about fake news. Postman, the nicest guy in cultural criticism, was a folksy, friendly thinker who imagined the future in whic...

 One of the biggest misconceptions about artificial intelligence is the belief that today’s AIs possess generalized intelligence. We are really good at leveraging large data sets to accomplish specific tasks, but fall flat at replicati...

The poor things. The post EPA Employees Offered Trauma Counseling in Wake of Trump appeared first on RedState.

Oliver rails against segregation in schools while conveniently leaving out the best way to solve it The post Hilarious: Comedian Lou Perez Educates John Oliver on School Choice appeared first on RedState.