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One high school is punishing kids for speaking about facts. The post Today’s Ridiculousness: High School Student Punished After Debating Muslim Student on Islamic Extremism appeared first on RedState.

When I left academia, one of the things that made it quite easy for me to do so was the fact that I never considered academia to be my calling. Heck, I never had the mentality that it was my calling to do something specific. I found myself in academi...

When I was still an academic, I used to conduct several behavioral experiments as part of my research. In these studies, I and plenty of other researchers would always spend a long time designing how the experiment would be conducted, from recruitmen...

Nuts or woke, there isn't much difference The post Professor Triggers False Active Shooter Report at USC appeared first on RedState.

I'm not saying this was a hoax. I'm also not saying it wasn't a hoax. The post Someone Posted Confederate Flyers at AU, Racism or Another Hate Crime Hoax? appeared first on RedState.

Ben Shapiro, the most popular conservative commentator is set to give a speech at Berkeley, California, tomorrow, and the mainstream media outlets would have you think a hurricane is about to wipe the town out. The LA Times told its readers that Berk...

One big difference between academia and the rest of the world is the speed on how things move. When I was in academia, projects moved at a glacial pace, with job hunts taking a year to complete, papers taking a couple of years to publish, and so on.