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Exercises in the higher banter with One of 26. Elsewhere called 'poet of adland'. By a whipple-squeezer.

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BetaRish (is)...lurch yikes lurch >> my stomach upon seeing my to-do list
Loops of duty
Soaked boots, wet socks
Time is a killer too
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I’ve started reading a bo...

BetaRish (is)...Life is boxesOh hai connectivity (oh hai office)Oge he’s like Ed Reardon. But not funnyHot Property on BBC Three is my new favourite thingHave decided that, were I ever to appear  on BBC Three, it would be under the name ‘yun...

BetaRish is...Too much work and not enough time…Have reached the level of tiredness where my eyes are struggling to focusDull jewel, inactive fire*deep breath* Here we go again...just held my breath for three hoursSwitched on dark modeDefense wins...

BetaRish is...Somebody remind me that saying no is a superpower alsoOh admin! Why, admin?Happy National Poets’ Hibernation Day Eve!It's just another way of passing the day‘Points of failure inevitable’ seems like a good credoOh plans they’re...

BetaRish behind the beatWhere have all the bounders and cads gone?Sitting in the way of controlDream pop ThursdayJuggle push drop Juggle push dropOh look!I have joined the lanyard classesIt’s coming home (but there’s a massive tailback on...

BetaRish is...Onwards, onwardsProps to anyone giving ashes this Valentine’s dayLife skills they don’t teach you: how to deal with low-level uncertaintyAnd then we begin againMagic is as magic doesRemind me never to complain about not being busy.

BetaRish is...His Name Is Alive in my memoryA flung trident is my spirit weaponIdly contemplating what would happen if we turned Buckingham Palace into the world’s biggest Pret…‘Tisn’t the season yeNo 5am thinking is ever useful thinking #sle...