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Jeffrey Bewkes, a quiet defender of CNN who has delivered Time Warner high returns, plans to leave the company if a merger with AT&T is approved.

The White House’s new communications director just threw his boss under the bus.“Hello, this is John Miller.” Credit: AP PhotoAnthony Scaramucci has been on the job for less than 72 hours, and on Sunday he made his first appearance on the new...

America's disdain for the media was on glorious display. The post OUCH: Redditors Hand CNN’s Chris Cillizza an Epic Roasting appeared first on RedState.

Donald Trump woke up Sunday morning and decided it was a good day to attack the media, which usually means he doesn’t like the coverage he’s getting. To be fair, a lot of Trump’s negative coverage is from a series of own-goals he a...

The way a story is packaged is a hallmark of the stance news media outlets feel about the topic. CNN deployed the tactic perfectly following the release of the Senate’s new version for the replacement of the Affordable Care Act was made public...

What does CNN do to improve their image? The post CNN Tries to Improve Its Image appeared first on RedState.

Americans know more about how newsrooms work than the folks at CNN want them to. The post CNN’s Brian Stelter Blames ‘Media Illiterate’ Americans for the Corrupted Fake News Media appeared first on RedState.