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Now that Time Warner is officially a part of AT&T, it's getting a new game. Unveiled in an internal memo, brands like HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. will call WarnerMedia home. We're not in love with the name either, but as-is, you wi...

John Stankey, a 30-year veteran of AT&T, will now oversee the rechristened WarnerMedia after the telecom company’s acquisition of Time Warner.

  CNN wasted no time fretting over the pro-Trump ramifications of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s management of the Clinton email investigation. On CNN Newsroom, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin steadied the ship...

Mr. Bourdain’s death on Friday prompted an outpouring of grief and tributes.

A lawyer wrote that the reporter, who said she was herself harassed by Mr. Freeman, lacked “impartiality and objectivity.” CNN stood by the report.

The credit card company said it would “suspend its marketing” featuring Mr. Freeman’s voice after several women told CNN about inappropriate touching or comments by the actor.

The women told CNN that he inappropriately touched or spoke to them on set, during publicity events and at his production company. He issued an apology.