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I feel your pain. The post WATCH: CNN’s Don Lemon Ends Show Early Over “Fake News” Mantra appeared first on RedState.

The story broke on the same day Trump claimed to be “the least racist person.”CREDIT: Twitter screengrabDuring a recent meeting, White House Senior Adviser and Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner told an executive from Time Warner Inc., th...

President Donald Trump, a moldy sponge that smells faintly of vomit, is not a big fan of the media. Thank god his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is there to whisper his displeasure to the people in power.Read more...

Jeffrey A. Zucker, the president of CNN, said a public opinion survey he commissioned showed “no diminution whatsoever” in what people think of CNN.

You're probably wondering who the GOP Senator was. The post GOP Senator Suggests President Trump Seek Therapy Rather Than Holding Press Conferences appeared first on RedState.

This is CNN citing an anonymous source they call “a friend” of retired Vice Admiral and Trump nominee Bob Harward, on his feelings about the offer to be Trump’s National Security Adviser, and his reason for turning it down. A friend...

Earlier today, the Venezuelan government cut CNN en Español's signal, shutting off its television broadcasting in the country shortly after it aired a report on fake passports. Not to be deterred, the news network has taken its progra...