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The USA Today Network has announced that in collaboration with Instagram, it will livestream the total solar eclipse on August 21st. The feed will feature real-time video broadcasts by journalists in areas along the eclipse's path of totality. R...

President Trump’s fiery news conference left many on cable news networks searching for ways to describe what they had just seen, and partisan lines blurred in the process.

The American public is still trying to process Donald Trump's disastrous press conference on Tuesday, in which he defended those who marched in a white supremacist rally. Later that day, Anderson Cooper broke down exactly what was so disturbing about...

Mr. Lord, a CNN contributor and stalwart Trump loyalist, was abruptly fired after posting “Sieg Heil” on Twitter in a heated exchange with the president of a media watchdog site.

Snapchat's Discover mode is a way for brands to create visual stories for consumption by its 158 million reported daily users. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Google is developing a very similar branded-media content feature, n...

The White House’s new communications director just threw his boss under the bus.“Hello, this is John Miller.” Credit: AP PhotoAnthony Scaramucci has been on the job for less than 72 hours, and on Sunday he made his first appearance on the new...

Jeffrey Bewkes, a quiet defender of CNN who has delivered Time Warner high returns, plans to leave the company if a merger with AT&T is approved.