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The talk in media circles is focused on what happens if the AT&T deal is stopped by the government and Time Warner is forced to go it alone.

Mr. Cuomo, a scion of the New York political dynasty, is set to replace Anderson Cooper at 9 p.m., as CNN tries to revive its prime-time viewership.

A great premise of Alice Walker’s monumental work, The Color Purple, was the idea that Celie could become herself and validate her being, by writing letters to God. The notion that through an active imaginative process one can free oneself fro...

Gun grabbers play Alinsky Rule 13 like it's part of their automaton firmware. The post Of All the Voices in the Aftermath of Parkland, the NRA Is the Least Worthy of Condemnation appeared first on RedState.

We have become a generation of point scorers and “mic droppers”. Don’t you think, looking over the news, your social media feeds, even your lunch tables at work? Nobody seems to want to get to the truth. People just want to score points...

The spokeswoman, Dana Loesch, spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference a day after addressing those affected by the school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

The law of present day politics is as follows: For every Donald Trump tweet there's a Pete Souza Instagram just waiting to throw shade. On Sunday, Barack Obama's official White House photographer dug into his archives to unearth this absolutely beaut...