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It was the latest in a series of embarrassing episodes at CNN, which has a contentious relationship with President Trump.

The differences are telling.CREDIT: Screenshot, FOXIn recent months, both CNN and Fox have retracted stories on their websites regarding particularly high-profile topics on the left and right, respectively. Both sites issued similar excuses: A break...

Three CNN journalists have resigned after the network retracted a thinly sourced scoop.  The story's author, Thomas Frank; an editor in CNN's new investigative unit, Eric Lichtblau; and head editor of the unit Lex Haris are no longer with the co...

The smell of flopsweat is in the air at a panicked CNN The post BREAKING. Heads Are Bouncing On the Floor At CNN Headquarters appeared first on RedState.

Why do bad things happen to bad people? The post CNN Puts the Brakes on All Trump-Russia Reporting appeared first on RedState.

CNN: where journalism goes to pull its own head off The post FINALLY. CNN Retracts And Apologizes For A ‘Fake News’ Trump-Russia Story appeared first on RedState.

  Hugh Jass, reporting. (Special to the New York Review.) BREAKING NEWS:  The New York Review can now confirm that Russia interfered with the Georgia 6th District special election. Our sources within Ivy League colleges and far-left hate groups...