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The law of present day politics is as follows: For every Donald Trump tweet there's a Pete Souza Instagram just waiting to throw shade. On Sunday, Barack Obama's official White House photographer dug into his archives to unearth this absolutely beaut...

Cooler heads prevailing is not acceptable, apparently. The post After Kentucky School Shooting, Brooke Baldwin Asks A Ridiculous Question Of Trump appeared first on RedState.

Jim Acosta is showing us why CNN is last in the cable news race. The post Jim Acosta Beclowns CNN Once Again appeared first on RedState.

The Mueller investigation has started to interview (under oath) some of the people highest up in the Trump administration. They just finished interviewing Attorney General Sessions, and will be interviewing Steve Bannon next week. That means they are...

There are some twisted people in the world. The post SCARY: Crazed Man Threatens to Kill CNN Employees appeared first on RedState.

The host of “New Day” on CNN keeps a tight schedule to balance his work, life and being the parent of three young children.

President Trump made good on his promise to honor the media’s “most corrupt & biased,” delivering his awards in a blog post.