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The bad thing about making your face synonymous with the company you run: When you go M.I.A., everyone tends to notice. The callout posts began over the weekend. Normal Facebook users don’t always track the tech press outrage cycle, but a flurr...

The core false assumption underpinning Faux Libertarianism is the assumption that 'land ownership' and 'governments' are two completely separate and unrelated concepts, or even that 'land ownership' is an older concept that pre-existed 'governments'.

That's not subtle at all. The post Andrea Mitchell Suggests How Andrew McCabe Can Save His Pension; Dem. Rep. Follows Through appeared first on RedState.

This is starting to look very interesting The post Uh Oh. Are James Comey and Andrew McCabe Calling Each Other Liars? appeared first on RedState.

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 Facebook has claimed to have found no further evidence of co-ordinated Russian-backed ad purchases on its platform targeting the 2016 Brexit vote in addition to the ad buys it previously reported.  Read More...

 Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) has introduced legislation to reverse the FCC’s recently published order and reestablish 2015’s net neutrality rules. Although the bill has little chance of reaching the president’s desk, let alone bei...