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A few things I've learned during my interim role of running WordPress.com...

Agarwal, a former CEO of an IT consultancy, left his job in 2016 to start his own firm. He now manages 16,000 employees in eight countries.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said a founder should "make as many decisions and get involved in as many things as you can" while realizing your limits.

Coauthor Robert Sutton says companies suffer from too much collaboration or too little. He covers these workplace issues in "The Friction Project."...

Emily Webb-Doskow is an estate manager for the properties of the wealthy and takes special requests, such as acquiring two pregnant cows for regenerative farming.

Of eight major priorities that CEOs are focusing on for next year, AI tops the list, McKinsey says.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Beckham's former manager at Manchester United, hailed Buffett's long-term view and hands-off leadership style.