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In light of President Donald Trump's rise to power, some people are seriously worried about the planet's health. Count The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists among that group, since they recently pushed the Doomsday Clock to two and half min...

No word on when the actor plans on demolishing the gates and walls of his own mansion(s). The post Actor Matt Damon: I’m Not a Big Believer in Walls appeared first on RedState.

Talk of a Mexican border wall to stop illegal immigration ignores the fact that Mexico has been stopping and returning Central American migrants.

Drug smugglers are equipping themselves for Donald Trump's wall, it seems.   SEE ALSO: Mexico investigates actress who arranged Sean Penn's El Chapo meeting U.S. border patrol agents in Arizona have uncovered and dismantled a very rudimentary ca...

CNN focuses on the "victims" of a policy that increases American manufacturing jobs. The post CNN Sob Story: Mexicans Will Be Unemployed if Trump Brings Manufacturing Jobs Back to U.S. appeared first on RedState.

A 1,700-year-old untouched tomb bearing the bones of a dozen male adults, as well as pre-Columbian figurines and statues, has been unearthed in Mexico. A tomb was recently uncovered in Colima, Mexico that held bones and ancient figurines that dated...

Trucks from General Motors and Chrysler rely heavily on Mexican labor and parts. If a tariff wall goes up, Ford could benefit at their expense.