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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance said it will limit products in Singapore dollars and will stop all online communication operations in the country.

Apple has made a settlement with Japanese regulator that it will allow developers of “reader” apps link to their own website for managing users account. The change goes to effect in early 2022. This settlement comes after the Japan Fair Trade Com...

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a US government agency that enforces securities laws and protects American investors.

The iShares MSCI China ETF has fallen 16% year-to-date and is down 30% from its peak in February, while the S&P 500 is up about 15% in 2021.

Binance stopped its UK clients from withdrawing pounds from their accounts from Tuesday, after a key partner terminated their agreement with the firm.

Regulators around the world are tightening the screws on crypto, but greater oversight and transparency is needed, CoinShares' James Butterfill said.

The FDIC is an independent US organization that deposit insurance to consumers and holds banks accountable.