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Ah, 2008. You might not remember, but those were the days when the term "Web 2.0" was thrown around like it was going out of fashion (it eventually did), and Pownce was used in the same sentence as Twitter. SEE ALSO: Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, says he...

Jack Dorsey does everything from his phone.  Seriously, the CEO of Twitter doesn't have a laptop. He shared that fact at a press breakfast in Sydney, Australia on Friday. SEE ALSO: Twitter is testing secret, encrypted direct messaging "I don't h...

Remember when an Uber executive said some crazy shit at a dinner party about tracking and digging up dirt on journalists? Yeah, that was a stupid thing to do. Now Tesla CEO Elon Musk is walking down that same path. Except he didn't say it at a p...

This is where our legal system finds itself The post Federal Judge: Trump Blocking Twitter Accounts Is Unconstitutional appeared first on RedState.

“What he’s done is create an echo chamber,” said one user who was blocked for suggesting that President Trump had a crush on Hillary Clinton.

Elon Musk has, as I imagine he often does during meetings or long car rides, come up with an idea for a new thing. Unlike the HyperLoop, which was cool, and various space-related ideas, which we know he's at least partly expert about, this one is jus...

A federal judge in Manhattan ruled on Wednesday that President Trump’s practice of blocking Twitter users who criticize him is unconstitutional.