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Why do Democrats have a weird need to look flawless? The post Pelosi Claims Trump’s Video of Her Stammering Is Doctored, but Reality Catches Up to Her appeared first on RedState.

There's a reason "Old Town Road" has been No.1  for seven weeks straight: Everyone loves it. That includes this gym full of elementary schoolers, who closed out their school's fifth grade talent show with a deeply wholesome mass sing-along. Fele...

Hashimoto Baku ("a Tokyo based video director/visual artist/developer") digs into fascinating depth on the "slit-scan" technique: "[imagine] a quite thick flipbook that all frames of a video are bound page by page. If you just rifle through it, the o...

They were just getting too close to the truth, man! The post Insufferable Krassenstein Bros Perma-Banned; Get Ready for Tin-Foil Hat Theories appeared first on RedState.

Seen through the lens of his Drakification, Kevin Durant seems to have entered the “Jaded” period of his NBA career. In “Jaded,” Drake croons about an ex whom he is dismayed to see doing well without him. Durant likely feels similar watching...

Tesla has reportedly hired Adam Koszary, the man responsible for the "absolute unit" meme, as its new social media manager. Koszary, who used to work as the program manager for the Museum of English Rural Life, is known for tweeting a photo of a larg...

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for the finale of Game of Thrones.  Game of Thrones may have come to an underwhelming end, but the memes keep on giving. The film boys are out, and they have takes. While not all fans were pumped wit...