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The McPlant is vegan-certified, but Burger King doesn't class its meat-free Whopper as vegan because it's cooked on the same broiler as other burgers.

Esta guía reúne información clave sobre los suplementos vitamínicos como las vitamina B12 que son de especial interés para los veganos. The post La vitamina B12 tan importantes para los veganos appeared first on Ideasn Reviews.

Vegan snacks are better than ever - here are our 15 favorite, from edible cookie dough to 'chicken' nuggets...

Nestlé just announced a new plant-based shrimp alternative, which they are calling Garden Gourmet Vrimp: It is vegan and made from a combination of seaweed, peas and konjac root. It is a source of fiber and comes with a Nutri-Score B in Europe. &...

Plant-based protein powder can help support your workouts or hit your daily macro goals. These are the 5 best tasting vegan protein powders we tried.

Starting this winter, students at universities in Berlin will be enjoying a larger array of meat-free food options at on-campus canteens. The 34 canteens across 4 campuses that cater to Berlin's student population will offer a menu that is 68% vegan,...

 Chocolate Raspberry Cake. Prepare yourself to fall in love. This might not be the prettiest cake in the box, but it is one of the most delicious.It also happens to be a Chocolate Raspberry vegan cake so it is something you can bake that will pl...