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What NOT to do if you want to get fit. I have been blogging and vlogging and talking about my fitness journey online since 2007. And in the past 12 years, I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve learned a lot about what NOT to do that’s for sure...

Goal Setting Is Step One. To reach your goals, the secret lies in the TRACKING. Do you collect goals like hobbies? Be real- have you created lists upon lists of goals- for your body, for your relationship, for your job, for your business? Do you have...

Welcome Back, Kelly

on Apr 28, 2019

Hello Friends. Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I get it. I hear you! I stopped my regular blogging back in….geez, probably early 2016. Why? Because I was “so busy” (and I was, don’t get me wrong, but this will b...

Almost There!

on Nov 29, 2018

I’ll be with you shortly. Read more... The post Almost There! appeared first on

Almost Here!

on Nov 29, 2018

I’ll be with you shortly! Read more... The post Almost Here! appeared first on

Do you find yourself on the daily feeling stressed out about your fitness results? Do you feel like you have this huge mountain to climb to address fixing all the years of bad eating and not working out- or yo-yo dieting? Or perhaps you are like me a...

What Really Matters.

on Jun 6, 2017

Today I learned that a dear friend of mine, and a FitFluential Ambassador – died suddenly last night. Pretty sure he wasn’t even 50 years old. As with most deaths, I was caught off guard. Completely. Last year about this time I was notifi...