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Almost There!

on Nov 29, 2018

I’ll be with you shortly. Read more... The post Almost There! appeared first on

Almost Here!

on Nov 29, 2018

I’ll be with you shortly! Read more... The post Almost Here! appeared first on

Do you find yourself on the daily feeling stressed out about your fitness results? Do you feel like you have this huge mountain to climb to address fixing all the years of bad eating and not working out- or yo-yo dieting? Or perhaps you are like me a...

What Really Matters.

on Jun 6, 2017

Today I learned that a dear friend of mine, and a FitFluential Ambassador – died suddenly last night. Pretty sure he wasn’t even 50 years old. As with most deaths, I was caught off guard. Completely. Last year about this time I was notifi...

How many of you have read or heard about meditation being good for you? How many of you are actually DOING it? How many of you have no idea how to do it? Do you, like me in the past, automatically assume you CANNOT MEDITATE? That you can’t quie...

I listened to a podcast a while back that REALLY struck me. If I recall correctly, it was someone on The Dave Ramsey show interviewing Robert Kiyosaki and although I have not read his book (Rich Dad, Poor Dad CLICK HERE if you’d like to buy on...

I had a really great meeting with my new business coach this week and she brought up an expression that really struck home with me. She said it sounds like when I consider your history that there were a lot of other people driving the bus in your lif...