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Taliban security forces can be seen maneuvering through the traffic of Kabul on rollerblades in a new video.

SAS soldiers claimed to have executed handcuffed detainees in Afghanistan and this was reported to General Gwyn Jenkins, now the second-most senior officer in the British Armed Forces. Jenkins, instead of referring the report to Military Police, lock...

Victory in Israel's deadly Gaza invasion may turn on the same factors the US blundered in its post-9/11 wars.

The former GOP lawmaker in his new book detailed how Kelly arrived to one breakfast "looking gaunt and exhausted" as he sought to discuss Afghanistan.

 The chart above reflects the results of the Pearson Institute / AP-NORC Poll -- done between September 21st and 25th of a nationwide sample of 1,191 adults with a 3.8 point margin of error.

President Joe Biden's comments warning Israel not to make the same mistakes that the US made after 9/11 was a stunning critique of US policy.

A region of Afghanistan not known for seismic activity has seen multiple major earthquakes in just over a week.