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The adventures and dissadventures of a geek/photographer/designer/dad/husba...

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Bloggings from a deep man in a shallow pool.


Travel talk from around the world and especially my home - New Zealand

Kiwi thoughts on life, travel, politics and everything elseKiwi thoughts on life, travel, politics and everything else

Random thoughts by author Heather Hapeta

How The "F" Did That Get There?How The "F" Did That Get There?

Ever see a random sneaker on the side of the road and wonder how the F it g...

A Bookworm's WorldA Bookworm's World

Hmm, well I'm an avid rabid reader who loves to share what I'm re...


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"I don't control every single bill that has been filed or amendment, so just as we go through this session, please understand that," DeSantis said.

If passed, the proposed legislation, S.B. 1316, will require all bloggers writing about DeSantis to register with the state or be fined.

Dayana Sabatin says taking advantage of online courses and identifying her strengths helped her make money blogging for Medium and Newsbreak.

Original Article by TechSling Weblog: Whether you want to increase your ROI or boost your blog’s traffic, blogger outreach services are a great way to help. But there are some things to remember when choosing a service for your blogger outreach...

Behind-The-Scenes At YouTube Space London I have just released another of my Patron exclusive bonus videos! I was asked to talk at YouTube London recently, to creators in person and those watching the event... The post Behind-The-Scenes A...

In the Instagram video, blogger Nikita Demenkov ducks as debris rained down around him after a Russian missile appeared to strike in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

While it may be hard for many readers to believe, blogging is a tough gig. It’s even tougher for people like former president Donald Trump, who has the vocabulary of a first grader and the talent of a mossy rock, yet he decided to ignore logic and...