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Gawker's back

By Boing Boing on Jul 28, 2021 in: blogs

Behold the new Gawker, with a new look but a familiar approach. Everyone's talking about it. Editor-in-Chief Leah Finnegan was the features editor there until 2014 (and worked at The New York Times and The Outline in the interim). — Read the re...

I've recently been looking into buying an old-timey electronic or electrical typewriter, and quickly became lost in archives of ozTypewriter, a website from a more civilized age that's a) about typewriters, b) an actual blog, at blogspot, and c) acti...

midnight.pub is a simple online publication, open to approved applicants, designed to evoke a cosy alleyway drinking hole: "a slow place where reading is as important as writing." It's late. You are seconds away from the main street in a small all...

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It is said that the tale of any empire can be told in three acts: a period of industriousness and building, a golden age of prosperity, and a final era of decadence and decline. The tragedy is that one can never be quite sure which act one is living...

Women of History is coming up to another birthday milestone - its 22nd birthday!Women of History was founded on 13th October 1998 as a fledgling website hosted by the now defunct Geocities.  It initially featured biographies of fifty histor...

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