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"Hedonism is the new black underwear." This is what happens wh...

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Groovy thoughts of a gay writer about all things fabulous.

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Hunk du Jour is a worksafe look at handsome and noteworthy men from all ove...

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This is THE BLOG for Gay Bathhouse News from around the world - Gay Sauna N...

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Gin-drinking, rugby-loving, nutty cow.

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All about sex, and dating in the modern age. Who are we? We're your ne...

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Relationships are tricky, and this blog won't help.


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The #MeToo movement killed the #MeToo movement The post Men Less Concerned About Sexual Harassment and the #MeToo Movement Is Likely to Blame appeared first on RedState.

Will the "equality" crowd speak up about this, I wonder?  The post Google Found to Pay Men Less Than Women for Same Job appeared first on RedState.

This seems like it's trying too hard while not trying hard enough. The post Gillette Now Using US Troops to Win Back Customers In Lazy, Awkward Commercial appeared first on RedState.

Subscription boxes are great! You go online, find a very cool service and sign up, and then you'll magically receive a box full of goodies once a month. It's the easiest and most stress-free way to get the products you want on a consistent basis with...

Men are under attack. Everything that makes masculinity sacred — valor, honor, chivalry, leadership — is under siege.  What else could explain a recent commercial for a Gillette razor blade suggesting that men should spare each other...

This is the ad Gillette should have made. The post The Response to Gillette’s Insulting Ad from a Watch Company Is as Amazing as It Is Moving appeared first on RedState.

    The Left is bizarrely contradictory. On one hand, it tells us to leave people alone. People are born with all manner of differences, it says, and they should thrive just as they are. Other cultures? The evil of colonialism should let th...