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"Hedonism is the new black underwear." This is what happens wh...

Tales from Whiskey-VilleTales from Whiskey-Ville

All about sex, and dating in the modern age. Who are we? We're your ne...

Parlez-vous moo?Parlez-vous moo?

Gin-drinking, rugby-loving, nutty cow.

Deep DishDeep Dish

Groovy thoughts of a gay writer about all things fabulous.

Hunk du JourHunk du Jour

Hunk du Jour is a worksafe look at handsome and noteworthy men from all ove...

Kiss & BlogKiss & Blog

Relationships are tricky, and this blog won't help.

Bathhouse BlogBathhouse Blog

This is THE BLOG for Gay Bathhouse News from around the world - Gay Sauna N...


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It's more than just the exaggeration of stereotypes. The post The Most Insulting Part of Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” Commercial Wasn’t Just the Stereotypical Depictions of Men appeared first on RedState.

Many men need help to break free of traditional ideas about masculinity, according to me, a person who has interacted extensively with men throughout her lifetime, as well as to the American Psychological Association, who recently issued guidelines f...

BREAKING: Women like men. The post Science Proves that Even Feminists Prefer “Sexist” Men Over “Woke” Male Feminists appeared first on RedState.

Get woke, go broke. The post The Boy Scouts Filing Bankruptcy After a String of “Woke” Decisions Caused It to Go Broke appeared first on RedState.

Meet me, a literary dunce. I’ll admit it—I am always a million years behind on the “good books” that are “out this year.” I get confused about which literary prizes are important and which authors I should have definitely read by now. But...

Male Journalists 

By Jezebel on Nov 28, 2018 in: men

Jezebel is finally making public its list of male journalists to follow on Twitter. The list is called “male journalists.” On it, you will find male journalists. It is a group of male journalists assembled under the clarifying banner of “male j...

Heroes all. The post Men Form Human Shield Around Women to Protect Them From Gunman During California Shooting appeared first on RedState.