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Republican state representatives in Iowa are trying to block guaranteed basic income plans, which they called "socialism on steroids."...

GOP power couple Christian and Bridget Ziegler have been celebrated by their Republican colleagues for their pro-family values. Their recent threesome scandal throws those principles into question.

While the trouncing Doocy would take at Jen Pskai's hands was perhaps my favorite, Karine Jean-Pierre never fails to satisfy when she swipes back at his meaningless, baiting questions only intended to create a soundbite. It is always wonderful to see...

Trump reportedly had some choice words for Peter Thiel after the tech billionaire and Republican mega-donor pulled back on his public support.

This new TikTok video investigates how Vivek Ramaswamy acquired the rights to a failed Alzheimer's drug very cheaply, reworked the failed trials to show improvement with help from his mother, and hyped the potential on Jim Cramer's investment show.

Poor Kevin Sorbo. The beloved superstar, who won the hearts of theater-goers with his exemplary acting in movies such as "Poolboy," "Never Cry Werewolf," and "Bernie the Dolphin 2," says he can't get roles anymore because he is a follower of Christ a...

The Inflation Reduction Act, passed in 2022, has primarily benefited red states that are home to major clean energy projects.