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We love you, man. The post From The Mailbag: ‘Thank You for Not Selling Out’ appeared first on RedState.

Freedom of speech and thought are, in theory, what drives academia — and a new website is drawing criticism for threatening those virtues. Professor Watchlist rounds up the names of scholars from around the U.S. it deems "radical" and places th...

Ever wonder if your Facebook feed is only telling you one side of the story? Well, research has shown that it can do just that. Social media feeds can morph into echo chambers of your political beliefs, telling you only what like-minded friends and f...

One of the biggest voices in the Senate who stood in opposition to Donald Trump, Ben Sasse today has released a statement congratulating the President-Elect. Here’s his statement, which was also posted on his Facebook Page: On Tuesday, America...

As Johnson falls, another 3rd party candidate is making waves...The post As Gary Johnson Falters In the Polls, Evan McMullin Rises appeared first on RedState.

Well isn't that special?The post WHOOPS: Remember When They Said Conservatives Are Psychos? Yeah, About That … appeared first on RedState.

I remember the first time I voted: Jeb was up for re-election as Florida’s gubernatorial candidate and I thought, why not? Actually, I thought nothing at all, I just went into the booth and pulled the lever, or pressed the button, or hung the chad,...