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Depression Anxiety An Panic AttacksDepression Anxiety An Panic Attacks

Anyone who has suffered from Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks knows on...

Corinna Carlson aka Gus GreeperCorinna Carlson aka Gus Greeper

blogging from Vancouver since early 2005

The ICI ExperienceThe ICI Experience

A blog about all aspects of the experience of living with Invisible Chronic...


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For years a friend has been telling my diet was hurting my general demeanor. Last year I stopped ignoring her and switched to a diet more like what is described in this study. I will never be Mr. Cheerful, but it really did help. NPR: A randomize...

When my brother died, I was too shattered to write his obituary. There is little record of his 29 years of life; it simply vanished. When I type “Yush Gupta,” Google autofills “Yush Gupta death,” a brutal reminder that even on the internet, a...

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Fascinating interview with former Wasps lock Kearnan Myall in the Guardian earlier this week in which he highlights rugby’s failure in addressing the mental wellbeing of professional rugby players. The headline – “Several England players I...

Once again, we're rushing into an emotional decision without weighing the long term consequences. The post “Mental Illness” Is Not A Good Enough Reason To Introduce Red Flag Laws appeared first on RedState.