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alex duncan is an entrepreneur & web expert living in shanghai.

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Entrepreneurship, brand experiences and the best of tech and social media

The daily challenges of an entrepreneurThe daily challenges of an entrepreneur

This a record of my life, work and play, I work for an emerging start up in...

Becky Holland BlogBecky Holland Blog

Becky is on her way to becoming a Social Media Marketing genius, bath bomb ...

Business BlogBusiness Blog

Blog for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for good sound advice an...

Dot Com Mini MogulDot Com Mini Mogul

I chose the name mini mogul because John Chow, Darren Rowse, Jason Katzenba...


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Compared with private equity or venture capital, search fund founders get instant leadership experience and, maybe, a big payday later.

Jean Kang worked at Meta, Pinterest, Intuit, LinkedIn, and Figma before quitting in February to run her own business. Her Sunday scaries are gone.

Aciepenser built a caviar business in Madagascar, one of the world's poorest countries. It's won over Michelin-starred chefs. How did they do it?

"I raised a too-high valuation, didn't know how to build a great culture, and didn't live up to people's fucking expectations," Amoruso told Elle.

An American who moved to Germany says she feels more supported living there, from the country's Family Ministry to its police and insurance companies.

Hosts or regular homeowners can outsource taking garbage bins to the curb, which is especially handy for those who manage properties from afar.

Mia Davis' company, Color Vision, is now a seven-figure business. Leaving corporate America also helped her be more present as a mom.