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Becky is on her way to becoming a Social Media Marketing genius, bath bomb ...

The daily challenges of an entrepreneurThe daily challenges of an entrepreneur

This a record of my life, work and play, I work for an emerging start up in...

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I chose the name mini mogul because John Chow, Darren Rowse, Jason Katzenba...

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Blog for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for good sound advice an...

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Entrepreneurship, brand experiences and the best of tech and social media

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alex duncan is an entrepreneur & web expert living in shanghai.


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Spending money when you're barely surviving an economic crisis is challenging, but it'll be harder to recover your losses if you don't.

Startup entrepreneurs get to live independently, set their own hours, and work to achieve their own goals. But that freedom also comes with an overwhelming amount of responsibility. Experiencing burnout as an entrepreneur has become relatively common...

After suffering burnout, Ali Pruitt now makes a living by teaching other remote workers how to build a better work-life balance.

You're trying to win people over in almost every interaction with coworkers, potential clients, and friends. This is not manipulative. It's innate.

For people who want to earn side hustle income or start a full time business, Poshmark can be easy way to try entrepreneurship.

Fundraising is a difficult journey for Black female founders. In fact, only 93 had raised $1 million or more in venture capital before 2021.

Liars tend to avoid personal pronouns and seem relieved when a conversation is over, David Lieberman says.