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Exploring the Power of Mind from Science to Spirituality

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This blog provides a secret map that takes you right to the heart of you ow...

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Every day I write about three things that have amused or delighted me.

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This blog explores links between freedom (liberty) and human flourishing


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As much as some people may find the idea of leisure time appealing in theory, when it comes down to stepping away from work and other personal and family obligations—even for a few hours—the thought of not being “productive” can be a source o...

When we think of what a good life entails, we might imagine one that is filled with happiness or defined by a sense of purpose. Perhaps we imagine a life of contentment and stability, supported by a close-knit group of friends and family, or one in w...

The trailer for Lamb, the forthcoming freaky horror psychodrama from A24 and director Valdimar Jóhannsson, dropped yesterday, and if you’re on social media at all, there’s a good chance you’ve seen it, or at least encountered people’s horrif...

Everyone has taken a few minutes (or hours) of time during their workday to get some personal stuff done. But what if you had an entire week to spend doing whatever you want online—and got paid to do it? One company is hiring someone to do just tha...

The transition from a goods- to service-based economy is the next step in a more developed economy. It could make Americans less "cool" - and happier.

Extreme, a leading adventure sports company, told Insider that it's seen a "major increase" in interest for extreme sports around the world.

Long hours in the office won't make a difference when coupled with poor physical and mental health. Take time to rest, reflect, and care for yourself first.