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Toronto Grand Prix TouristToronto Grand Prix Tourist

Photographer explores locations, events and adventures in Toronto, Ontario.

Fashion's MavenFashion's Maven

A 26 year old girl trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows...

Mental PooMental Poo

Jerking off your funny bone, one post at a time.


Day-to-day notes of a Bohemian academia

Happier Ever AfterHappier Ever After

Enjoying the single life...while looking for Mr. Right

England's Pleasant PasturesEngland's Pleasant Pastures

Wholly pretentious, sentimental, often bland and above his station, this ph...


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Major airlines are investing in eVTOLs, often referred to as flying taxis, as a way to transfer passengers between transport hubs and city centers.

There are five ways to take screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy, including with Bixby, the Palm Swipe feature, the physical buttons, and more.

The Umbrellas - Pictures [Music Video] The post The Umbrellas – Pictures [Music Video] first appeared on PhotogMusic.

The pandemic has taken so much from us—but do you know what it doesn’t have to take? Our kid’s awkwardly posed school pictures (complete with traditional blue or grey background), that’s what.Read more...

Dog Day - Pictures [Music Video]...

They’re on a mission to dazzle! It’s kind of 20s. It’s sorta 60s. But whatever the expression – we are into it! Check out Cats... The post OMG, it’s cats in citrus hats! appeared first on OMG.BLOG.

Spanish YouTuber Sergio Carvajal will make you wanna hit SUBSCRIBE over and over again! Tune in to him after the NSFW jump! CLICK TO ENLARGE! The post OMG, he’s naked: Spanish YouTuber Sergio Carvajal appeared first on OMG.BLOG.