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Getting business advantage and great return on investment from top quality sales and marketing requires attention to your customer's needs and to the law.

There's other stuff, too! There's loads of other stuff. The other stuff may take o

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All my life I have had a hate-hate relationship with the humble room thermostat. Today we have an electronic one. I can see the temperature it is set at and it shows me the temperature it knows the room to be at. Even if the actual number is wrong, i...


on Nov 24, 2011 in: sexuality, LGBT, Love

Today is an anniversary. I'll come to that. Odd things come together on anniversaries. One that arrived for me was this video, steeped in irony. It harks back to the glorious heady free love days of the 1960s, a time when anything went. For me the...

A while ago I wondered "Why don't we have roast beetroot? We have roast parsnips and roast potatoes, but beetroot seems consigned to the pickle jar." The next time we had a roast dinner we cut up some raw beetroot and put it round the meat with the...

Stand Up!

on Nov 20, 2011

Cobb Students Make Anti-Bullying Movie: Real movie by real students, looking at a real problem.

After posting about Coming Out Day earlier today I carried on thinking. I never used the day and date as a cue. I used emotion, and I used being sick and tired of feeling I was leading a double life. I had these things going through my mind: I'm mar...

I spent yesterday wondering why anyone would choose 11 October to Come Out and tell the world their innermost and most personal thing. Today, 12 October, is the anniversary of the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, killed for being homosexual, killed...

The other day a friend posted this picture on Facebook. It comes from an organisation that does its level best to use Facebook's internal reporting systems to have overtly bigoted pages taken down. In between crusades it publishes useful material in...