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After telling the nation about the importance of fixing gender issues celebrities violate their own lectures. The post Hollywood Women Invalidate Themselves in Supporting Samantha Bee appeared first on RedState.

Women have had to deal with the shitty end of the employment stick since, well, forever. Sexual harassment, rampant misogyny and pay disparity are but a few of the crap things they frequently have to put up with. Apparently, you can add being screwed...

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly called President Donald Trump an “idiot,” according to an NBC report Monday. As NBC put it, citing multiple White House officials, “Kelly portrays himself to Trump administration aides as the lo...

It really does not matter. The post Who Cares About Gender “Inequality” Among Airline Pilots (Or Anyone Else)? appeared first on RedState.

It’s no secret that NFL cheerleaders are underpaid, undervalued, and held to ridiculous beauty standards by NFL oranganizations. But on Sunday, the New York Times published an infuriating report that reveals that some teams exert almost maniaca...

Has Google embraced social justice so much that it's willing to break the law for it? The post YouTube Embroiled in Lawsuit Over Refusing to Hire White or Asian Men appeared first on RedState.

This is your brain on social justice. The post Students Launch “No Whites Allowed” Magazine at University of Texas appeared first on RedState.