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Mastercard and Visa have halted operations in Russia, but Mir card payments will allow Russian tourists to pay for their purchases in Turkey.

A Turkish and Mongolian excavation team says swastika patterns on 13th-century ruins are a possible link to Genghis Khan's grandson, reports Live Science.

Turkey and Greece have both asked to buy new US fighter jets, and they might not both get what they want.

The US military is expanding its cooperation with Greece, and US sailors and Marines have been really enjoying their time there.

A new study of the ancient world of Anatolia—now Turkey—shows how they adapted to climate change but offers a warning for today's climate emergency.Maps of the study region: These were created in QGIS using the ASTER Global Digital Elevation ...

Turkey has accused the Nordic countries of being too friendly with Kurdish militant groups it considers to be terrorists.

The 7,000 tons of grain aboard the Zhibek Zholy, detained off a Turkish port, is stolen from Russia-occupied Ukraine, Ukrainian officials said.