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I had my first sip of wine when I was 2, I can still recall that moment lik...

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Wine, beer, food and a lot of attitude.

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Liz Tagami, international food and wine broker, sends updates from the cool...

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Food adventures at home and on the road with international award winning au...

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Real photos. Real France. Daily snapshots and snippets of life in France......

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An enthusiastic wine blog dedicated to tasting, enjoying, discovering, and ...


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I am too dumb to figure out “analytics” but I suspect “what wine pairs with turkey?” is an oft-Googled search term this time of year. Pinot and Beaujolais are popular options but they are, in my highly valued opinion, not the best bottles to...

Fun fact: Ring is a "Shark Tank" reject that was later bought by Amazon for $1 billion. Here are eight products the Sharks were wrong about.

People are increasingly investing in fine wines, as opposed to other luxury items like cars and watches, experts from Acker Wines told Insider.

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Experts including Greenwich Village's Champagne Empress helped us pick the best Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, and other sparkling wines for all budgets.

Behind a bottle of wine, there are 5 a.m. wake-ups, hours of farm work, and a punishingly complex process of picking and transforming grapes.