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QUI DONNE DU PLAISIR EN A - As a professional photographer in Fulham, Londo...

The RamblingsThe Ramblings

Conversations about life, culture, ministry, ect. Ramble, rant, argue, d...

danny browndanny brown

Conversations about social and emerging media tools for marketing, PR, comm...

The VillageThe Village

Life in a small village in northern England, and beyond.

Heritage and HistoryHeritage and History

History is not stuck on a dusty shelf it is all around. We feature culture...

Building our first houseBuilding our first house

Share our experience of house building with everyone

Irrational FocusIrrational Focus

A bit of this, some of that and a whole lot the the other thing. You know, ...


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Toxic 'friends' are always competing with you, are jealous of other friends, and lie to get sympathy.

Posted on Could 3, 2023 The Agriculture and Horticulture Improvement Board’s (AHDB) ‘We Eat Balanced’ The post AHDB’s ‘We Eat Balanced’ Marketing campaign reaches 43 million individuals appeared first on BUFFTHEBANANA.

The embattled CEO could leave the bank as it announces earnings on Wednesday. Ulrich Körner, who heads the bank's asset management division is his likely successor.

Our "Financing a Sustainable Future" series included stories and events designed to help firms set sustainability goals. Here are eight takeaways.

Wichita Police took to social media to find a woman who had pooped in two beauty stores, necessitating the destruction of several wigs. Unsurprisingly, their Facebook messages reached the masses, started a shit storm of activity, and helped to quickl...

Here’s a new video for my playlist entitled “Thoughts on Current Affairs“. It’s an admittedly dim view of the world, perhaps for the right reasons. I offer clarifications on extra-terrestrials (spoiler alert, I think they’re...


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My thoughts on this subject.