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This may be part of a long-term Democratic plan. The post Is There More to Al Franken’s Delayed Resignation Than We Think? appeared first on RedState.

It's the Democrat Franken non-resignation resignation. The post Put Up or Shut Up: Franken’s Promise to Resign Later Isn’t Good Enough appeared first on RedState.

The Senate voted 51 to 49 to pass its version of the GOP Tax Cuts and Jobs Act early Saturday morning. Many lawmakers only received the text of the massive bill, which has far-reaching implications across multiple sectors, just before the vote, leavi...

The conservative media host spoke with Matthew Shaer about the roots of his opinionated style, what it’s like to know the president is listening and more.

Several Republican senators who were considered swing votes on the GOP tax plan — a plan the chamber intends to vote on Friday night, without giving members sufficient time to even read the bill — have been swayed with flimsy promises by...

After this key vote it moves ahead. The post BREAKING: Tax Bill Moves Ahead Following Vote appeared first on RedState.

The request, while unlikely to be heeded, highlights a critical question over who would benefit the most from the tax bill: shareholders or workers?