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That's what it was.The post TERROR IN NEW YORK CITY appeared first on RedState.

Late Tuesday in Thailand, two explosions are reported to have killed two people and wounded dozens at a hotel popular with tourists. The car bombs went off minutes apart in Pattani, in Thailand's deep South. “It was unclear whether the bombs were s...

A young Muslim woman is suing Chicago police who decided she was a "lone wolf" terrorist because she wore a hijab, or headscarf, and was walking briskly out of a city subway station on the Fourth of July last year while wearing a backpack. (more&h...

The Right Scoop spotted this story breaking on social media, and the news is still developing, but it does appear to be the case that there was an explosion at a residential building in Malmö, Sweden in the 9pm hour (local time). Here's a report fro...

The bombs detonated in the middle of a peaceful protest that consisted predominantly of Hazaras, a minority ethnic group. The post Horrific Suicide Bombing Targets Minority Group In Afghanistan appeared first on ThinkProgress.

80 people are dead and at least 260 wounded from an explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan that detonated on Saturday in the midst of a peaceful demonstration by members of Hazara, a Shiite minority group, CNN reports.Read more...

Sorry, media. But yes, once again, it was radical Islam.The post ISIS Claims Responsibility for Terror in Nice; Have Planned Car Attacks for Years (But Don’t Tell MSNBC) appeared first on RedState.