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The life, times, work and waffle of a fused glass artist, crafter and creat...

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Five professional bloggers review the creative world.

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The making of a new unusual live homemade music video every week.


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Both Facebook and Snap offer tools that allow developers to build out augmented reality (AR) experiences and features for their own respective family of apps. Now, TikTok is looking to do the same. The company recently launched a new creative toolset...

Guess what I’ve been working on! Ta-Da! I have a Patreon account! The URL is: https://www.patreon.com/writefromkaren Pretty easy to remember, right?? Here’s a screenshot of the home page: Don’t ask me why I chose dogs wearing glasse...

You can get Story Pins on Pinterest, similar to Instagram Stories, with a Pinterest business account.

You can use the Pinterest board toolbar to help you stay on top of projects by creating a to-do list and reorganizing the order of boards.

Oliver Winterbottom, with his 1966 Concorso Grifo d’Oro Bertone award-winning model. (Courtesy Malcolm Griffiths/Classic & Sports Car)It with much sadness that we announce that Veloce author, automotive designer, and dear friend of Ve...

You can save your own pin to a Pinterest board by using the plus "+" sign in the mobile app or webpage.

New York-based startup Muze is rethinking mobile messaging. While today’s messaging apps have expanded over the years to include support for sharing photos and videos, voice messages, reactions and more, Muze has fully redesigned the traditiona...