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The real number of books authored by the chatbot could be much higher as Amazon policies do not require users to disclose its use, per Reuters.

Looking at Shutterstock CreativeFlow? In this Shutterstock Creative Flow review we look at its key features, examples, pricing and more. Get creative!

In a rocky month for the streaming giant, Netflix laid off 25 marketing staffers and projected a loss of 2 million subscribers in the spring.

One of the best aspects of the internet is finding a dedicated community built around one of your passions. Before the web, you'd struggle to find other people into that weird niche thing you love so much- you know the one I mean. — Read the re...

Both Facebook and Snap offer tools that allow developers to build out augmented reality (AR) experiences and features for their own respective family of apps. Now, TikTok is looking to do the same. The company recently launched a new creative toolset...

Guess what I’ve been working on! Ta-Da! I have a Patreon account! The URL is: https://www.patreon.com/writefromkaren Pretty easy to remember, right?? Here’s a screenshot of the home page: Don’t ask me why I chose dogs wearing glasse...

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